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I was going to write about how I’ve finished the entire six seasons of Doctor Who in two weeks and what I think about it, but now all I can think of is Rory.

Rory, Rory, Rory. Or Arthur Darvill.

When you finish the series, you’ll know why I love Rory and I want someone like that in my life. As for Arthur Darvill, well. Here’s one reason.

I like his voice. I like how talented he is. And when I think about how Amy and old Amy when they talk about how Rory pretended to be in a band, well, it fits.

I’m suffering from Doctor Who withdrawal. I can’t wait for the Christmas special.

P.S. More on why I love Rory.

Tricycle Perils

I have a love-hate relationship with our transportation system. I appreciate the fact that you can get to anywhere without having to walk around much. However, I hate the fact that so many of the drivers and fellow commuters are so disrespectful of traffic rules and regulations. Heck, even common courtesy is often absent.

Everyday, I go to work by riding the tricycle and walking a part of my route. Everyday, every time I arrive at the office or reach home at the end of the day, I feel such relief at still being alive. It seems that I run the risk of dying through some sort of vehicular accident every day (and on that note, I don’t feel comfortable writing that but I just had to say it).

Example: The trike drivers along the Eastwood-Manggahan route. Every night when I go home, there’s usually some traffic jam along Calle Industria. The direction towards Manggahan takes up two lanes, while the one going to C5/Eastwood takes up just one. However, the trike drivers tend to skip the lanes and run along the Eastwood-bound lane just to get ahead. They do this particularly when there’s no oncoming traffic.

I get their rush. After all, the faster they can take one fare to their destination, the faster they can get back for another trip. More trips, more income. However, I don’t think they see the danger they’re posing to themselves or their passengers. They don’t realize that they’re responsible for someone else’s safety.

There was a time when one driver was so careless. He was yelling at the car drivers and overtaking every time. When we got to our destination, one rider complained and the driver replied “Nakarating naman tayo.” Naku. Gusto ko sabunutan.

I have other options going home, namely riding a cab or walking the whole way. Option one isn’t feasible because I’ll run out of money long before the next payday comes. Option two is ok but not practical. If there was a dedicated and safe bike lane I’d take that option but there’s none. So it’s the tricycle for me.

I hope that these people won’t have to experience anything bad in order to be more responsible drivers. In the meantime, I guess the best we can do is ask them to drive more carefully, and pray that they do.

Now the MRT and falling in line is another story…


Today, I turned 30.

I haven’t gotten any epiphanies, nor do I feel any more adult than I did yesterday. I still have the same worries, the same things, the same everything. Yeah, there’s not much difference… yet. Or maybe ever. *ramble*

But one thing’s for sure: I am blessed. And I am grateful. Here’s to a new decade of numbers. Or, as I told my best friend, it’s just experience points. We’re only as old as we believe ourselves to be. ๐Ÿ™‚

Friday 5: Clean

I thought I’d do a meme today. I haven’t done one in a while, having missed out on yesterday’s Booking Through Thursday (though I can probably catch up). Today’s Friday Five is all about cleaning. How apt.

  • Whatโ€™s in need of a good cleaning?
  • My room!!! It’s clean when you look at it, but in the corners, the nooks and crannies… oh my. I’m ashamed.

  • Whatโ€™s your idea of good, clean fun?
  • Hanging out with friends, watching a movie, going on a food trip, browsing a bookstore…

  • How clean is your driving record?
  • Very clean. I’ve only driven once in my lifetime, when my dad was trying to teach me. I don’t really know how to drive.

  • When did you last make a clean escape?
  • Hmm… Probably in a meeting or a seminar. I can’t remember.

  • What are your feelings about dirty language?
  • If it was said in jest, or as part of a story, fine. But don’t turn the air blue with it, or say it to me as an insult. I’d be uncomfortable.

Coming soon

After eight years of blogging with Blogspot, I’ve finally decided to get my own domain. It’s something that I’ve been planning for years, but it never really entered my mind to really get one. My plans for it included a portfolio, or a writing blog, but as years went by, it just kept getting pushed back.

Thanks to my good friend Yvie, I have a host and a domain. She got it all up really fast. I just shot her an email asking if she’s still a reseller, and the next thing I knew, I was sending the payment and filling up an application form.

It’s still not ready, although the domain is functioning. For now, I’ll be found on this domain, but soon I’ll move. I’ll miss Blogspot, as it’s been my home for so long. I’ve learned the basics of HTML through here, and I’ve seen the service change from it’s pre-Google days to what it is now.

Oh well, it’s about time for a change right?

First post for 2011

Happy new year! Hello 2011!

I’m back in Manila and slowly adjusting to the thought that I’ll be back at work on Monday. My December seems to be mostly vacation, what with that eye infection and the holidays. Still, I think I’ve accomplished much, and I feel rather good about it, but that’s no reason to rest on my laurels. Kailangan pa ding kumayod. ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night, my family (minus Nunik and Lolo) went to the beach to watch the fireworks display that was going to be launched from Potipot Island. We stayed at my great-uncle’s place and waited until midnight. Unfortunately, we miscalculated the distance and instead of seeing a truly awesome fireworks display, it looked rather small. The good part of it is that it wasn’t the only fireworks display that we saw, but even those of the neighbors and in Sta. Cruz town. It was also fairly quiet due to the distance, and the fact that most people didn’t bother to buy their own firecrackers but opted to watch the display. By the time we got back home, there were only a few stragglers setting off some sparklers but most of them were already settling down in their homes.

For me, the best part of the new year was being with my family. Lolo greeted us when we got back, and I missed Nunik, who was in Manila. Also, the night sky was a far more impressive display than any fireworks showcase. There were so many stars out, it was like being in a planetarium, only… well, it was the real thing. I even saw a shooting star. I truly wished I had a much better camera that could capture the awesome view. It was perfect night for a bonfire (which some folks did) and hanging out with friends and loved ones, beer and food optional.

To cap off this post, let me share with you a quote from Neil Gaiman:

A blessed and totally awesome 2011 to all of you.

Dear Universe

I started blogging in late 2003, and since then, there’s this meme that I do every year. It started in Livejournal, and I first saw it through Roch of It’s where you write down ten things you want for Christmas, and your LJ friends will try to fulfill them for you. It doesn’t have to be a wishlist full of expensive, material things. It can also have silly things like “I want someone to go with me to an STP concert” or something.

This year, I made my list (I decided to keep it in LJ for sentimental reasons) and some friends did theirs too. However, thanks to a post on Plurk from Yvie, I thought I’d make another wishlist, this time full of things that I want to happen rather than material things that I want to have.

It’s a more tough list to make because these are things that aren’t really that easy to think of, if you get my drift. These are things that you know will affect you, your life and possibly the people around you too.

So what grand things do you wish the Universe will grant you?

House Arrest

It’s the fourth day of my house arrest. I started counting from Monday, where I first took a sick leave. I am very grateful that there’s Internet, or else I’d be bored silly. I’m also thankful that even though it’s my eye that’s infected, I can still use it. I have a cousin who occasionally get severe eye allergy and he literally is blind for a few days.

“It’s tough not to be able see, Ate,” he told me the last time he had this allergy attack. “You can’t read, you can’t watch TV, you can’t play video games. There’s music to listen to but that’s still not much.” True indeed. If I played a musical instrument it would be fine, I suppose. But my guitar lacks a string and there’s only so much I can play without resorting to chords.

I’m not making much sense now, am I?

This eye virus/infection is really something. I am not really sick, meaning I don’t have any fever or anything that renders me physically incapable of getting out, going to work and doing my job. However, it’s the kind of illness that makes you stay home because it’s quite contagious, and it doesn’t look pretty. I’ve gone through several rolls of tissue because it’s like I’m crying all the time. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m off to the doctor. My youngest brother Dion said that it’s healing how since I’m “crying” all the time. I’ll be glad to get rid of this. While getting some rest is nice, I’d like to go back to my regular schedule.

Just go back from the clinic. I went to Medical City at SM Marikina and the doctor who attended to me was Dr. Jaime P. Capco. He said that while the problem with my eye is not contagious (so you don’t have to run when you see me people), it is caused by a bacterial. He had me do some tests (which proved that my eyesight is still pretty good) and said that I need two medicines: one to drop on my eye and the other to take orally to fight the bacteria. I can go out and work, he said, but I’d better take some precaution to protect my eyes. If by Saturday it’s still like this, I have to go back and see him.

I hope the medicines will take effect ASAP. As nice as the doctor was, I don’t want to see him again, and I mean that in a good way. ๐Ÿ™‚