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Reading Challenge 2013

I have been seeing people do reading challenges. They set up a number of books to read each year and see how much they can finish before the year ends. I found it a little silly, because if you want to read, you will make time and no challenge or list should dictate it.

I realize that I scoff that this idea because I can easily finish the books that I get. However, while sorting through my books during the latter part of 2012, I found many books that I have yet to read. I’ve finished reading the fiction and young adult fiction books that I have, but I’ve never actually managed to finish the non-fiction and non-romance books. Some of them I’ve started reading but never really got to continue as something more “interesting” would catch my reading attention.

As a challenge to myself this year, I will list down these unread books and finish reading them. As of this writing it’s not even a complete list, but I aim to do around 50. But I will read them, and I will finish them and most of all, enjoy the journey.

Oh, and I should write about them.

List of books to read this 2013: Continue reading