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Congratulations, Philippine Volcanoes!

Congratulations to the Philippines Volcanoes for winning last Saturday’s match against the United Arab Emirates. It was pretty tense, given how the guys needed this win to stay in this division and qualify for the World Cup.

As I’m rather lousy with recalling the events of the game, here’s an article from GMA News TV for a rundown of the match. Kudos as well to the UAE team who put up a strong fight.

Fun Gathering
I started supporting the team last year, and I enjoy going to their matches here in the home turf. I’ve gotten to know some really awesome people who are also big rugby fans, and last night was no exception. We bonded over the game, the players and other crazy ideas that are best left unsaid in polite company (which we aren’t, at that time haha).

Here’s a few photos post-game. I love how the Volcanoes take time to mingle with the people who came to watch their games.

Celebrating the win with friends
With Joiz and my newfound friends, the future board of directors of my corporation. *evilgrin*

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