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Round 1: My Very First

Like many Filipino kids growing up in the late 80s to early 90s, I had my share of watching Japanese cartoons on local TV. However, I never really knew that there was a term for it. All I knew that it was cartoons and it was Japanese. I remember my aunts and uncles telling me how they used to watch Voltes V but never got to finish it because of martial law.

Over the years, my brothers and I would get to watch various Japanese cartoon movies through our friendly neighborhood video store. My mother would take us there and let us pick our choices of cartoons (in Betamax!) to bring with us to the province. It wasn’t until I knew that they were called anime did I realize that I watched a few Studio Ghibli/Hayao Miyazaki classics, specifically Nausicaa and Pom Poko.

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The first anime that got me hooked on the whole shebang was Ranma 1/2. I was already a Dragonball fan with a huge crush on Trunks, and I had just discovered Yu Yu Hakusho because of an SNES game. I was a highschool freshman when one of my upperclassmen friends lent me a Betamax tape of the first six episodes of Ranma 1/2. While I was at first shocked by the nudity (which was doubly awkward as I was watching it with my then-elementary school age brothers), I grew to appreciate this wacky and weird Japanese cartoon.
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Satoshi Kon’s last words

Satoshi Kon is the director of one of my favorite anime movies, Tokyo Godfathers. On August 24 at the age of 46, he passed away due to pancreatic cancer. Kon-san’s condition was known only to close friends and family, even his parents didn’t know about it until the last few days.

Rochelle of magnetic-rose.net shared the link to a blog that translated Satoshi Kon’s “last words”, his final entry on his blog. I read it while I was still at the office, waiting for the rain to stop and I couldn’t help but cry.

Here’s an excerpt. The link can be found below it.

I’ve been a happy person. Even though I must apologize to my wife, my parents and all the people that I love, that lived out my life a bit too faster than most.

My parents followed my selfish wishes, and came the next day from Sapporo to my house. I can never forget the first words out of my mother’s mouth when she saw me lying there.

“I’m so sorry, for not bringing you into this world with a stronger body!” I was completely speechless.

I could only spend a short time with my parents, but that was enough. I had felt that if I saw their faces, that it would be enough, and it really turned out that way.

Thank you, Father, Mother. I am so happy that I was born into this world as the child of the both of you. My heart is full of memories and gratitude. Happiness itself is important, but I am so grateful that you taught me to appreciate happiness. Thank you, so very much.

It’s so disrespectful to to die before ones parents, but in the last 10 plus years, I’ve been able to do what I want as an anime director, achieve my goals, and get some good reviews. I do feel regret that my films didn’t make a lot of money, but I think they got what they deserved. In these last 10 plus years in particular I’ve felt as though I’ve lived more intensively than other people, and I think that my parents understood what was in my heart.

Because of the visits by Maruyama-san and my parents, I feel as though I’ve taken a big burden off my shoulders.

Lastly, to my wife, about whom I worry the most, but who has been my support until the end.

Since that time-left pronouncement, we drowned ourselves in tears together so many times. Every day was brutal for both of us, physically and mentally. There are almost no words for it. But the reason why I was able to survive those difficult days was because of the words that you said to me right after we received the news.

“I’ll be at your side [run with you] until the end.”

True to those words, as though you were leaving my worries in the dust, you skillfully directed the demands and requests that came rushing towards us like a landslide, and quickly learned how to take care of your husband. I was so moved, watching you deal with things so efficiently.

“My wife is awesome.”


And, if I may ask you for one more thing – could you help my wife send me over to the other side after my death? I’d be able to get on that flight with my mind at rest if you could do that for me. I beg you this favor.

So, to everyone who stuck with me through this long document, thank you. With my heart full of gratitude for everything good in the world, I’ll put down my pen.

Now excuse me, I have to go.

Satoshi Kon

From: Satoshi Kon’s last words

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Quezon Day 2010

Quezon day today, so that means I’m on holiday. I initially thought about being lazy at home but I went to Ortigas to meet with Ching and Presea. Ching was starting on a new job near Megamall so that was where we met. Lunch of Bodhi (wish there was one in Eastwood), dessert of ice scramble.

Didn’t do much after that. We went to National Bookstore so both can look at things they needed. I perused the book sale pile and found none to my liking. Since they had to go back, I walked with them to Building B. I decided to pass by the Body Shop to check out the price of the perfume I liked, but was sidelined by Chapters & Pages.

While sometimes more expensive than Booksale, I do love their “Buy One Take One” section. There I found some interesting books. For P99, I got two new reads: “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucceillo, and “A Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing” by Melissa Bank.

It was inevitable that I pass by Booksale on my way back to Building A, where I found a hardback edition of Mary Balogh’s “Simply Dangerous” for P125, by far the most expensive book I got for the day. A Jude Deveraux hardback released late last year was also available but since I stopped reading her works (medyo boring na), I passed it up.

Since I was on a roll, I thought I’d say hello to Powerbooks na din, because sometimes they have this most amazing sale pile where I get a lot of cool books. A few minutes of looking and digging netted me two books from the “Once Upon A Time” series I’m collecting: “Sunlight and Shadow” by Cameron Dokey, and “The Crimson Thread” by Suzanne Weyn. Both books were at 50% off and I got them at 60% when I purchased a bookmark for P15. Yeeeha.



Today’s book haul for only P400+

I took the train to Cubao afterwards to pick up my sister who spent the past few days in Zambales. She had a lot of things with her, namely a giant pizza and a giant burger from Xtremely Xpresso in SBMA, much like the one we had before. It was my siblings’ first time to try it, and they were overwhelmed. Thanks to my mom & dad for buying it, and my sister for carrying it all the way from Olongapo!

Capped off the day with a short swim, then dinner of my share of the giant burger (which was already good as one Quarter Pounder), then wrote this entry.

Work tomorrow, but I feel good about it.

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Cute doggie in the pet store

Taking the giant pizza home

Taxi meter with receipt!

Dig in!

Giant burger

Quiet afternoon


Also, I started watching “Katanagatari”, on the recommendation of my friend SushiChef. So far it’s a pretty good watch. I like the art and the costumes. The story is taking its time but I like the premise. It’s supposed to run for 12 episodes (started last January) and will air only one episode a month.

Still pretty cute though. 🙂