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Infamous… Not

Well this is interesting (told you there’s bound to be something like that everyday).

My cousin Miel and my friend Presea both asked if I did any work for PLDT. Apparently, there’s an ad on the Inquirer today featuring two comic strips about life and the Internet. The artist’s name is Kat Sales.

I went through a mental inventory of work I did, and of everything, the only comic strip I ever remember doing that’s published online is this and this. It doesn’t sound like what Presea described, so I don’t think PLDT lifted it or anything. I don’t even remember doing work for anyone recently. I wish though. The extra money would be nice.

Here’s the drawings. Photos were taken by my cousin.

I can safely say that is not my work. For one, it’s not anything like I’ve ever done. Two, well, most of my works look anime-ish, no matter how hard I try. Three, like I said, I was never commissioned by PLDT or any one for any project… but it definitely would have been interesting 🙂

If this other Kat Sales would eventually stumble upon this entry, drop me a line. I’d love to meet you. 🙂


Last night was a sort of anniversary night, though an unintentional one. Exactly a year ago, Kat, Lady Holden and myself were in Baguio with a few other friends for the homecoming. We hung around school, schmoozed with our professors, schoolmates and artsy folk from the Baguio community. Last night, we somehow had a similar experience.

Kidlat Tahimik, his wife Katrin de Guia and their sons, Kidlat Jr., Kawayan and Kabunyan held their first ever family exhibit at the Rico Renzo Galleries and Caffe in Makati, “K+kkk+K – Ayos! (Order in Chaos).” I can’t claim to have words on how to describe such an artistic endeavor, but it was wonderful to see this amazing family together, showcasing their art and their talents.

I first met Kidlat Tahimik, or “Kuya Kid,” during the homecoming last year. He was there with Katrin or “Nanay,” as Kat calls her, and Kabunyan, who also went to UP Baguio. I spoke to them briefly, and found them a very lovely couple. Katrin (I love her name. It helps me appreciate mine so much more) is a beautiful and gracious woman, an artist in her own right, while Kidlat is a funny, down-to-earth man who always seem to have a smile on his face. Needless to say, I was their fan, as well as of their works.

It is a rare treat to see the De Guias together, so last night’s event was a must-go-to. I’m glad I didn’t miss it, and I’m glad I wasn’t too late that I was able to catch their “opening dance number.” Kidlat led his family and a few friends around the room, wearing his trademark bahag.

What I loved about it was unlike other exhibit openings I’ve been to, the atmosphere was relaxed and very low key. I recognized Howie Severino, but otherwise, it seemed more like a small, friendly gathering. Kidlat Tahimik’s mother also graced the event and at 92, was still spiry and alert as anyone younger than her.

We didn’t get to stay for long, as hunger pangs quickly overcame us. Sad to say my camera’s battery ran out too quickly, but thankfully, I managed to get some decent pictures.

Kabunyan de Guia and Kidlat de Guia

“The Scream” by Kabunyan de Guia, whom Kidlat Tahimik calls his “little toilet artist, but in a good way.”

Kidlat Tahimik’s contribution

With Thet and Katrin de Guia, one of the most beautiful women I have ever met

Shoes that Lornadahl wanted

Hamming it up with Kidlat Tahimik. My batteries died right after this.

Catching up
From the gallery, we walked towards Buendia cor. Paseo for dinner. We ended up at Teriyaki Boy because no one was feeling adventurous in terms of exploring food. It was a lovely walk, the wind blowing coldly, eliciting memories of our years in Baguio.

After dinner, we just talked until Thet decided we should go for coffee. Right across the street was a Starbucks store but surprisingly, it was closed, and it was just around 9:30 PM.

We walked a long way just to look for an open coffee shop. From Buendia, we walked down Makati Avenue, then along Paseo de Roxas, ending up outside Ayala Avenue. From Ayala, we went down Rufino, then through one of the back streets. We ended up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Convergys, where we stayed for a couple more hours until the store was about to close.

It was a long trip back to Pasig for me, but made all the more interesting with Kat and an old Sharon Cuneta/Rudy Fernandez movie (with Johnny Delgado and Miguel Rodriguez, which made us realize that Sharon’s co-stars in that movie were gone). Ah life.

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂

Fangirl mode on

Forgive me if I’m going to start gushing. I’ve been a longtime fan of the Harry Potter series, starting from the moment I read the first book during a vacation to my mom’s hometown in Bicol. My cousin bought her copy and I wasn’t really interested, but I was bored, so I read it… and never stopped.

During the previews while watching “Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen,” I didn’t expect to see the trailer. I was talking to Drew when the trailer for “Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince” started. I gasped, and shut up. It didn’t matter that I had seen it before, and that I knew what was going to happen to the story since yeah hello, it was based on the book.

There’s so much to it that makes me enjoy the entire Harry Potter world. Granted it’s not perfect, and there has been many criticisms to it in the past (the writing, the similarities to other stories, the not-so-good ending, not to mention the talks on the book being anti-Christianity and all that), but you can’t deny that it is good entertainment.

Today, without meaning to, my fangirl mode was engaged, thanks to a post by Leejay over at Tumlr: Rupert Grint dressed up in a tuxedo with the bow untied and drink in hand. Geez, and this kid’s only twenty!

I purposely resized it

The picture made me go to RupertGrint.net and found more goodies, including the interview that had that picture. Hah. So it’s not actually a Harry Potter fangirlism but more of Rupert Grint fangirlism 😛

OMG You guys

I’ll shut up now. But I found some really great photos, thanks to that RG site, and I decided to re-visit the site of my favorite Harry Potter fan artist: Hito76. It occurred to me that the picture above has a resemblance to Hito76’s drawing, but to clarify, the picture came after the drawing. 🙂

Once again, resized :p

Yes, I’m unabashedly a Ron-Hermionie shipper. Can’t wait for July!

BTT: Graphic

– Do you read graphic novels/comics? Why do/don’t you enjoy them?
– How would you describe the difference between “graphic novel” and “comic”? Is there a difference at all?
– Say you have a friend who’s never encountered graphic novels. Recommend some titles you consider landmark/”canonical”.

The term graphic novel was introduced to me in a quite different way as opposed to the regular readers of western comics, though the idea is practically the same. My introduction was through Japanese comics, as a compilation of a series of issues then released as one volume.

I learned later that some western graphic novels were like that, while most were created for specific graphic novel release.

Obviously, that meant that I do read graphic novels, however, not very often. It’s a bit expensive for my taste and there are but a few ones that I truly like (unless it’s a manga from a favorite artist).

I don’t read much of graphic novels from American artists. As I mentioned in a comment to this (this part is a follow-up), art plays a huge part for me and I am not really attracted to much of the art styles of most American and European graphic novels. I love the Japanese styles, so I tend to gravitate towards that. I did, however, and still do, read comics from Marvel and DC, or other American/European artists. Oh, and it may surprise you to know that there are plenty of graphic novels that are under a Western label, but their artists are located here in the Philippines. You’ll find a few of them at the bottom of this post.

Difference? Nowadays I really don’t bother with the semantics, though die-hards could probably give you an idea of what makes one apart from the other. Initially though, comics are mostly light and fun reading, whereas graphic novels can carry a more mature theme like an actual novel that has only words in it.

As for recommendations, I guess the first one that’ll pop off my head is the Sandman series. Next to that would be Batman Hush, then the ever popular Neil Gaiman prose with illustrations by Charles Vess, Stardust. For Japanese comics, those who like the macabre should check out Rumiko Takahashi’s Mermaid’s Saga.

A few of the Japanese comics, or manga, that I currently have. The rest are in stashed in my grandparents’ house. I also have a Batman graphic novel done by a Japanese artist, Kia Asamiya.

I know a few Filipino artists as well who make their own graphic novels and have made a name for themselves in the local as well as international scene. If you care to check them out: Gerry Alanguilan, Andrew Drilon, Wilson Tortosa, Edgar Tadeo, Carlos Vergara, Jonas Diego, to name a few. Most of them I’ve met in real life and are great people as well as awesome artists.

Going around a few blogs today on this topic, I am ashamed to say that I absolutely forgot about The Adventures of Tintin! My uncle used to collect them when he was kid and since our ages aren’t too far apart, I borrowed and read them too. Hergé’s works (including that of Jo and Zette’s) are among my favorites.

A box set of Tintin at a local bookstore. If it weren’t so pricey I’d buy it.

Also, just to clarify some things, comics and graphic novels aren’t a genre, but rather a format of entertainment, if you will, like television or radio or books are. If you try reading some comics (I say comics in general, not just graphic novels), you’ll find that there’s a type of story for everyone who likes a particular genre in other media. The Japanese comic or manga industry by itself has a thousand titles ranging from occult, romance, sci-fi, fantasy, action and even game/gambling related stories. If you’d like to try your hand on some manga, you can try your local library (lucky) or check out online sources like OneManga.