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Sunday slow down

I’ve been hearing great things about the Legaspi Sunday market, but in all my years of living within the Makati area, I’ve never gone to that. I made up my mind to go there after I attended a cooking demo by Anabel Tanco at The Maya Kitchen. She made this delicious almond milk that I can’t get enough of, and she said she sells it at the Legaspi and Salcedo markets. So off I went, dragging Drew and Toni with me.

I love Legaspi market. I love the small town, relaxed party vibe it exuded. I had a list of things I wanted to eat, thanks to my online research, but with so much to see and taste, I couldn’t make up my mind. While my friends immediately found what they wanted to eat, I was waffling between the pizza and the takoyaki (which I really have to try one of these days to see if it compares to Hana’s).

Finally, I settled on Wagyu shawarma. I initially thought about getting a burger but the price sort of made me back down, deciding on the shawarma which was a hundred bucks less. The shawarma is big, and bursting with filling. The meat is flavorful and soft, and none of it got stuck between my teeth. I demolished it in less than ten minutes. 🙂

We spent a few minutes just lounging, taking pictures of our toys (yes, twentysomething kids we are). A group of people were playing music just behind us, and it was all very bohemian. Kulang nalang dagat, masayang masaya na ako. Toni and I also bought crepe flambe from this French guy named Gigi. He was singing while cooking, which made me wonder if all French cooks do that, or if it’s just in the cartoons/shows. The crepe was light and had the right amount of sweetness. It didn’t seem to look like much but I liked it. I’d like to try the other flavors.

We headed out a little past 1 PM, passing by a stall that sells homemade ice cream made with carabao’s milk. It was very sweet, but creamy. I think I’d like to experiment with this if I have the time at home.

I always like walking around the Makati business district on weekends. It seems so empty, which makes it perfect for exploring. We walked along the back roads to get to Ayala center (which also became the elusive search for a trash can). We ended up at Travel Cafe Philippines for coffee and tea and tried their bangus pizza. I’m still craving for their pancit buco.

Shabby and Maru arrived and we headed to Ayala for the Caracol festival. Marco was already there, and the parade started at 4 PM. We managed to get the middle and tail end of the parade. I was more excited by the fact that Ayala Avenue is closed and I can do what I please. There’s a lot of interesting angles you won’t normally get if you walk along the sidewalk.

Caracol was originally the fiesta of Brgy. Bangkal, but the Makati City government adopted it as its own. Like any fiesta, students from the schools within the area participate in the parade for cash prizes. Bongga.

Spent the rest of the afternoon just hanging around.