Hello again, Baguio

Baguio continues to surprise me. Even though I lived there for four years, every time I come back, there’s always something about it that makes it interesting all over again. I see new things in the places that I’ve been to and feel I know so well. I discover charming nooks and crannies in a […]

A quick trip to Baguio

Baguio over the weekend. It wasn’t a tourist visit. Then again, when has going to Baguio been a tourist visit for us? Den wanted to go to PMA for “research,” while I just wanted to find some binatog. We ended up doing that, and more. We left Manila at 3:30 AM. All trips were filled […]

Where to send help

Northern and Central Luzon is slowly recovering the Pepeng’s wrath, thanks to the generosity and bayanihan of the people. I wanted to gather a list of places you can go to help, or donate, but there’s just too much information. Thankfully, friends from Sayote Republic have done just that, so I’m linking to it. For […]

Health is wealth

My parents and I took my sister to a neurologist today. She was complaining of chronic headache as well as a slight bump in her head. So far, the tests the doctor gave her showed that her motor and response skills were normal, but was advised to have a CT scan. We’ll get the results […]

Baguio weekend

Last weekend, Den and I went to Baguio. She told me that she had been hankering for a visit to our college town and asked if I wanted to come along (then again, whether or not I could go wouldn’t stop her hehe). I had several reasons why I couldn’t go: work, lack of budget, […]