Post Birthday Thoughts

On my birthday last year, I ran my first marathon with Outbreak Manila, then had lunch with my mom, my aunt and her family. This year’s celebration is pretty low key, and probably the first I’ve had that didn’t have my parents or any of my siblings around. I spent the morning watching “Rooftop Prince” […]


Today, I turned 30. I haven’t gotten any epiphanies, nor do I feel any more adult than I did yesterday. I still have the same worries, the same things, the same everything. Yeah, there’s not much difference… yet. Or maybe ever. *ramble* But one thing’s for sure: I am blessed. And I am grateful. Here’s […]

Last day

Today is the last day I can say that I’m in my late twenties when someone asks for my age. Tomorrow, I shall join the ranks of the thirty and thirty-somethings. They say thirty is the new twenty. Like it’s when you start to be more mature and adult. Um… I’ll have to see it […]