Beautiful words

I received an email from my aunt today. Since she’s not the type to forward anything, I opened it and was surprised to see a PowerPoint presentation. It had pictures of various places in Paris, and the text was a letter by writer Gabriel García Márquez. I was surprised at first because I wrongly interpreted […]

Hello Dumaguete

I still managed to go around Dumaguete and see the sights, as well as taste their food and learn about the place. I had read up on it before I went, and I was given some tips on where to go by my online friend Zerisse, who is from Dumaguete. Still, nothing quite beats the […]


Fascinating thing, technology. Two days ago, I got to connect my mom’s netbook to my wireless network. Darn Windows Vista was pickier than XP when it comes to it. Yesterday, I went with Drew to go buy his new laptop (lovely little thing. Makes me want one too) and drooled over the DSLRs, the printers, […]

Write stuff

I’ve started two part time writing jobs over the last few weeks. The first one is at oDesk, where I post comments in a gardening forum. It’s fairly easy and pretty fun work. I’m no gardener or farmer but I’ve got my fair share of that from my elementary and high school days in our […]

Make everyday Earth Day

I’ve got half a mind to boycott Earth Day. Now, before you crucify me for saying that, and throw accusations that I’m an Earth killer, let me tell you this. Back in elementary, my school decided to start a “Save the Earth” campaign. All students from all levels were enjoined to participate, to do projects […]

Book heaven

I have a strong love for secondhand bookshops. More than half of my books are from the bargain bins, mostly out of print works or books that are very hard to find here in the Philippines (not to mention expensive if I order it from abroad), but for most part those are lucky and chance […]

Thank you

A few years ago, I started doing a weekly “Thank You” list. Every end of the week, I list down the top five to ten things that I was thankful for. I did that for a few months, then I stopped. Mostly out of laziness, and the fact that I lost interest in blogging around […]