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Halloween Special (Part 1): Doctor Who Shenanigans

Bonifacio High Street was packed last Saturday, October 26. I was expecting a crowd at Fully Booked because of the Halloween Comic Fest, but it turns out there was a trick or treat event for the kids. It seemed fitting, because I was there for one thing only.

The Dalek.


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Jars of Clay: Live at Walkway 2013, Manila, PH

After eight years, a day of walking around in the summer heat and a brief Twitter exchange, this happened.


I can believe it, but I still am in awe of how. On the day of the concert, Shabby and I were taking our sweet time to get to BHS. We played games at Landmark, went clothes shopping and even had merienda to fortify ourselves for what we expected to be a long night ahead. We had seen the band doing their soundcheck earlier, and that made me even more giddy with excitement. During our meal, we saw a few Church Simplified volunteers and Bonifacio High Street security running towards somewhere in the vicinity. Maybe it was the band? I went back to eating my pandesal. Continue reading