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April no fools

Playing pranks on April 1 isn’t such a big deal for me, although I do know of some people who do it religiously year after year. It gets tough to top each effort, they say, and sometimes some people don’t get sucked in anymore.

Anyway, I love the first of April for a whole lot of other reasons. It’s my birth month… and also my sister, my cousin Lee, my uncle Athan, my aunt Tata, my late grandma Edith’s birthday as well (to name a few).

April also signals the other month for the year that has a long holiday, thanks to Holy Week (December to January is by far the longest). As a student I love April because it means the start of summer, the break from the tedious student life (bah, who am I kidding? I loved school, especially college). It also meant the trip home to Zambales (or to other places where there are relatives) for hanging out with my siblings, days at the beach, green mangoes and bagoong, and home cooked meals.

I add this to my reasons why April is a good month. Today, I received the pocket Moleskine reporter that I won from Avalon.ph’s 10th anniversary contest. I knew I had a slim chance of getting the autographed Neil Gaiman book, but I felt I had a fair shot at winning the notebook. Here is my entry, which I had fun writing. Thanks to Jasper, the brains behind Avalon.ph (a great site, I tell you).

Saturday is my talent determination test at UP Diliman. It’ll let me know if I am worthy to enter the hallowed halls of the College of Fine Arts. If I don’t pass this… well, I’m heading off to the hills of Baguio and see if I can get in there. Half serious on that.

I really have a feeling that things are looking up. 🙂 Thank you!

A tale of great adventure and victory

Once upon a time there was a man who, from the comforts of his home in his native land, traded with merchants from far off places. Places where one needed wings to cross the seas even for just a visit, where one can find numerous treasures and discover places not found in any other land.

Though happy with this means of acquiring things, the man wondered if there was anything similar anywhere in his country. A market where he could share his own wares with his people, and spread the joy of acquiring interesting items. He searched high and low, but unless he wasn’t as thorough as he thought, he couldn’t find any. So, armed with nothing more than basic knowledge and a passion to succeed, the man braved the world he once was just happy to be a mere participant of.

A decade later, the man takes a step back to admire all that he has achieved. It wasn’t a smooth sailing by any means, but it had been a journey where challenges were overcome, lessons learned and friends met. Today, he enjoins all to help him celebrate by sharing words that they have stumbled across in sacred tomes and found memorable. A prize worthy of the name Avalon would be given: a book penned and illustrated by two well known names in the literary world, with even the author’s own signature marking it. Should one decide to seek more ways to ensure that prize (and get some other items along the way), it is possible.

So head on to the Avalon.ph blog, check out the mechanics for this newest contest to win! Good luck, for you’ll need it as I intend to be the winner! *cheers*