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All the Doctors at Cosmania 2014

Well, we finally did it. All the Doctors and the FemmeDoctors in one event.

All Thirteen - Homme & Femme Doctors
Photos by Cali Ynoviel & Bex P., background edited by BJ David. Yes, we are aware we made a mistake with the ordering.

I tried to recall how this all came about. My research brought me to a post in the Whovian PH group where a few ladies talked about making a group for the femme Doctors. It grew from there until we had a complete line-up. The girls were able to debut an incomplete roster last May during NexCon.

In the months that followed, everyone (and by that I mean the guys and the girls) worked together to complete all twenty six. We found people who were willing to play the Doctors, and helped them get their props and costume together. There were many sleepless nights where people stayed up to finish things, fueled by coffee and a lively Facebook chat group.

Somehow, we pulled it off.

And it wasn’t just the cosplayers. It was also friends who worked with us in shopping for materials, making accessories and the like. We had a trip to Divisoria to buy cloth and other stuff. Some braved torrential downpours just to help sew coats. Others actually learned how to sew, and even got their families onboard to finish things. And then there were the photographers.

Our companions were awesome too. We had Amy Ponds, Clara Oswalds and a Rose Tyler. We also had a Dorium Maldovar (hi Moses!). We were in the minority during the event as the crowd was mostly into anime, but we got recognized by a few people, and that was enough for us.

More photos from Day 1 can be found here. I’ll discuss the costumes and how everyone made theirs maybe in the comments. 🙂

10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 2

Continued from 10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 1

5. The awesome panels
Most cons here are about the merchandise, cosplay and stage events. It’s only in book or comic related cons do I get to see any panels. NexCon had three of them, and each one was something worth attending. I managed to go to the Komiks Reborn and Cinema Fantastica. I know a lot of people were hoping to see foreign guests (actors particularly), but the NexCon panels were jampacked with Filipino greats in the field of comics, movies, and literature.



4. Geekfight
Geek trivia game amped to the higher level! Fellow Whovians made a group of six and named it “Gallifrey Stands” (represent, Torchwood Manila as well). We didn’t win, but it was a respectable finish all the same. It was also their 5th anniversary, so the game was pretty intense. Lots of laughter and shenanigans, and thankfully I don’t have to turn in my geek card.


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10 Reasons Why NexCon Rocked: Part 1

It’s been a while since there has been an event dedicated specifically to sci-fi and fantasy. There are a lot of cons happening yearly around the Metro, but anime usually dominates over other fandoms. There was New Worlds a few years back, but nothing in recent history.

That is, until NexCon. Held last Saturday, May 31 and Sunday, June 1, it was a gathering of fans of sci-fi and fantasy, be it a TV show, books, video games, name it and they were there. The Bayanihan Center was home to these geeks for the weekend, and boy, was it ever crazy.

10. No crowds
I’ve long stopped attending local cons on a regular basis because of the crowds that overwhelm me every time. I usually go there to look for merchandise, but leave as soon as I got what I wanted. Most cons here are anime-centric, and while I was an anime geek from waaaaay back, I haven’t been keeping up with the new stuff these days.

NexCon was a refreshing change of pace. Aside from being able to recognize plenty of characters, it was a place where my favorite TV series was able to make an impact. There were a lot of people, but there’s still plenty of space to move around. The numbers may not have been the same as that of past cons, but still very respectable.

9. A place for everything
I like that the Bayanihan center has different halls and rooms. Merchandise and exhibitors were located in one hall, while panels and other events were located in their respective rooms. There was even space for cosplayers to place their baggage (a fact that was made known to us after the event haha).

8. NexCon Rocks
Did you stay til the end of day 2 and went to the concert featuring Stereodeal, Peso Movement and Paranoid City? We partied to amazing music, danced and pretty much celebrated our geekdom.


Peso Movement.
Peso Movement

Paranoid City

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How I made the Clockwork Droid mask

When Joiz and I decided to attend the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary party set by fellow Whovians, we thought it would be cool to come in costume, as we were sure many attendees will be doing. However, we had little time to decide which to go as and get it set up. We decided in doing some villains because for sure there would be a lot of Doctors already, and villains are a bit of a challenge.

I picked the Clockwork Droid from the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”. I figured it would be easy to find the clothes as it was more or less standard for 18th century France. The mask was going to be the bigger challenge.

In the end, it was actually the other way around.

Basic materials (scraps and tools not included here)

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Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party, Pinoy Style

The longest running British sci-fi/fantasy television show, Doctor Who, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year. Pinoy fans of the show got together to celebrate it, and even if we couldn’t watch the show as it aired, there was enough activities to keep everyone entertained.

Joiz and I initially planned to have a small get-together with the usual suspects, as it was also her birthday week. The plans were hatched as we finished watching “The Name of the Doctor” last May, after learning when the anniversary special would be released. But we found out about this party and thought, “Why not?”

The plans to wear something for the event was hatched later on… like, a week or two before the event itself. We wanted it to be simple, but hopefully with an impact. My dress of choice: a Clockwork Droid from the episode “The Girl in the Fireplace”. Her’s was an Empty Child from the episode with the same name.

The party was a blast! We met fellow Whovians (a few of whom I’ve met before through Fiipino ReaderCon pre-event activities) and saw how big the fandom is. There were a lot of people who came in costume: three Cybermen, Miss Hartigan, Tenth Doctor, several Elevens, First Doctor, Fourth Doctor, another Empty Child, a Calvierri girl from Venice, two Weeping Angels, several companions (Sarah Jane Smith and Jamie McKrimmon), K9, the Dalek and a legion of Masters. In an odd twist, the waiters at the venue wore costumes that looked like the Oods’.



More photos here.

Just goes to show how loved this series is here in the Philippines. Note that this is only a few of the fans from Manila. Doesn’t take into account the fans from around the country. 😀

Doctor Who: The Night of the Doctor ramblings

Disclaimer: This is not meant to be a review. It’s just me, rambling.

I haven’t really seen Classic Who, so I am not familiar with some elements of this prequel. I was, however, able to catch the 1996 movie (rather cheesy, but still pretty awesome in its own way), so seeing McGann pop up as the Doctor was a pretty mind boggling moment.

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Halloween Special (Part 1): Doctor Who Shenanigans

Bonifacio High Street was packed last Saturday, October 26. I was expecting a crowd at Fully Booked because of the Halloween Comic Fest, but it turns out there was a trick or treat event for the kids. It seemed fitting, because I was there for one thing only.

The Dalek.


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Weekend blast: ToyCon and Fete de la Musique

Two things I did last weekend, in between classes and work and spending time with my family for Father’s Day: go to ToyCon and Fete de la Musique.

ToyCon Madness
This yearly event (held more than once a year, if you count the summer and Christmas events) is a standing date between me and a few friends. It started off with me and Drew during our Sykes days, then eventually expanded to our online friends who became real life friends. My usual group is Drew, Yue and her sister, and Ryan (Mr. No Pictures Please) but for this event, Ry was absent.

Day 1 of ToyCon is usually the best time to attend, if you’re aiming for buying merchandise. You avoid the crowds who are there for the cosplay and fan events, and there’s a high chance that you get some great discounts from the vendors, particularly if you buy in bulk AND if you ask nicely.

I arrived with the mindset that I will get some Doctor Who stuff, and I was successful. I was also able to chat a bit with some Whovians, which is a first because most of the time I only get to discuss the show over on Plurk or when I’m with Joiz. It was nice to know that while it’s a much smaller community than say, GoT, it’s still pretty solid.

I got two shirts and a Yotsuba key charm. I also picked up my new Danboard, one which was ordered and paid for a while back. Drew also bought a Pepsi Danboard. I wanted to get a Threadless t-shirt, but my budget was already blown. No other Doctor Who toys, either, as the Sonic Screwdriver was sold out and also beyond my budget.

Fete de la Musique
Shabby invited us to this event, as she was one of the people who worked on this. I arrived late because I spent time with my family (I cannot resist not seeing my niece!), so I missed talking to the guys of Naïve New Beaters. I got to finish their set though, and it was fun.

We headed out to Café Curieux for the reggae bands. Surprised to find that it was more of a blues band playing, so we waited to see if maybe the band after would be the reggae ones, but no dice. Still, I enjoyed the band, and it seems like the crowd did too.

After about an hour or so, hunger pangs set in so we went back to the main stage. We walked through the back streets and traversed the red light district, which had us encountering a lot of colorful and kooky characters.

Shabby and I checked out Live where the reggae set actually was and caught Tropical Depression just starting. Saw some familiar faces in the crowd, but after a few minutes of wooziness and hunger, I really had to go.

By the time we got back to the main stage, Up Dharma Down was already performing. Brigada followed, then Barbie Almalbis (Kitchie Nadal sang with her in one song).

I thought the trip home was going to be an ordeal but thankfully, I got a cab driver who was willing to go from Makati to Marikina.

Pictures to follow.

Gardens of Time and is that a TARDIS?

One of the games I’m playing on Facebook is “Gardens of Time“. My uncle says it’s the most popular game on Facebook, surpassing even Farmville. While I believe it is a popular game, I can’t quite buy the idea that it’s the most popular game there of all time since none of my contacts really play it. The ones who are on the game are not active (which makes it hard for me to complete each level because I’ve got no friends to help me, except for just one person).

Gardens of Time basically is a hidden picture game, and it follows the story of the Time Society who try to fix the paradoxes and inconsistencies of various events across time. It’s a pretty fun, if slow, game.

One of the recent developments of this game is the addition of a chapter in the Philippines, as well as items you can buy from the store that represent the Philippines. I’ve yet to reach the chapter, but I have several items, plants and structures that are recognizable as Philippine landmarks.

Cool items you can get in the game.

I noticed that Playdom recently changed some of the previous chapters, replacing old artwork with new ones. It was pretty nice to go back to old chapters and play them for more points, as the challenge is trying to figure out where the item is since it looks very different.

One chapter I went back to for more points was the Carnaby Street. The drawing has changed and is quite more interesting now. While playing, I noticed something in the middle of the scene.

The Doctor is in?

I would’ve thought it was a standard police box if not for the way the light above it was glowing. TARDIS is that you? Also, one of the characters in the story used “timey-wimey” in one of her dialogues, which made me think that the creators of GoT are Doctor Who fans. I’d love to know.

Quite fun, eh?


I was going to write about how I’ve finished the entire six seasons of Doctor Who in two weeks and what I think about it, but now all I can think of is Rory.

Rory, Rory, Rory. Or Arthur Darvill.

When you finish the series, you’ll know why I love Rory and I want someone like that in my life. As for Arthur Darvill, well. Here’s one reason.

I like his voice. I like how talented he is. And when I think about how Amy and old Amy when they talk about how Rory pretended to be in a band, well, it fits.

I’m suffering from Doctor Who withdrawal. I can’t wait for the Christmas special.

P.S. More on why I love Rory.