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Good bye, Samer

My dad just called. Our dog Samer just passed away. He caught a virus and he wasn’t able to get treatment. When Papa arrived in Candelaria, Samer was still alive. Papa touched him, and he died.

It was like he was waiting for Papa to come home.

Papa’s both sad and frustrated, so is Ate Dhels, our housekeeper. Ate Dhels is the one who mainly gives Samer a bath. Imagine a 5-foot-tall woman keeping a full grown pit bull in line.

I liked that dog. He was playful, like he couldn’t quite believe he wasn’t a puppy anymore. He was also a quick learner, when I last visited he already knew a few commands.

We named him Samer because he came to us during summer vacation. It was originally a joke by Miks, especially as it’s spelled with Tagalog in mind. However, it stuck, so our little pitbull puppy was Samer.

Samer as a puppy

Alert little doggy

Papa and Samer, April 9, 2009

Taking Samer for a walk, July 4, 2009

Ate Dhels giving Samer a bath, September 31, 2009

Bye Samer. We’ll miss you.