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Slow Sunday

I went out in the morning to watch “Alice in Wonderland.” I expected a lot of people but from experience, watching the first show scheduled is usually the best time because there’s not much people. Of course if you could get your tickets in advance, so much the better but I suppose that depends on the theater.

I won’t spoil it by yapping on about it, but suffice to say a Burton/Depp/Bonham-Carter project is often always a winner in my book. Not to mention there’s a few other of my favorite people there, namely Alan Rickman and Stephen Fry. Anne Hathaway was lovely too, and I couldn’t help but find similarities in her actions to her role in “Princess Diaries.” If you’ve seen both movies, you’ll know what I mean.

Too bad I don’t have pictures of the posters (which I’d love to collect) or the cardboard stand things. I’d love to watch this movie again (and I probably will over the weekend).

SM Megamall had this activity for Iron Man 2 and there were these cosplayers the kids were posing with.

A sticker in the FX I was riding. I agree, but somehow some people don’t know that they have bad body odor.

Sign somewhere outside our place. It’s actually quite hidden and I wouldn’t have spotted it if the trike didn’t stop at this particular part.

My dad & grandpa are here for the latter’s monthly check-up. We went to SM Marikina (I’m surrounded by SMs!) for some errands and they had their hair cut. I would also like to apologize for my “katarayan” to the attendant at Octagon. I think my dad was surprised too. Hehe.

P.S. The weather is quite terrible.