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Family Food trip: August edition

Sunday late afternoon the matriarchial side of the family once again gathered for a few hours of good food and great company. My aunt (who also happens to be my ninang had just arrived from a trip to Germany, and as it had become the custom in the last year, she invited us over for a bit of German-inspired eats.

Only Nunik and I were able to go to represent our contingent, while the usual suspects of my mom’s siblings and their families were there. First course of the night: cheese and wine. Tita Ruth prepared the cheeses she got in Germany and served it with some homemade pita bread and Asti Cinzano.

I am not normally a wine drinker but I loved the taste of Asti.

Rather than just be a guest, I decided to give a small hand in helping my cousins prepare one of the dishes, spätzle. Ideally, it is soft dough that is rubbed through a slotted plate to form small pieces of pasta then cooked in water. Somehow, the mixture went wrong so we just rolled them to little round pieces and cooked them like macaroni and cheese. The rest of the pasta was cut into long noodles, which we then jokingly called “lomi”.

While eating the cheese, Tita Ruth told us of their misadventure and we had a good time laughing at it. Dinner was roast chicken, lemon chicken, beef stew, steamed vegetables, spätzle and grilled tuna jaw (pangga that was so good, I didn’t bother with eating chicked). We also had salmon sashimi as a pre-dinner, post-appetiser er, appetiser. I didn’t eat rice at all but I was so full.

After more stories, a demonstration of the handy dandy fruit cutter, we got some pasalubong. Nunik and I took a ride with Tita Rose. Tiring, but enjoyable.

September naman! 😀

Note: Pictures to follow later. It’s hard to upload them on this connection.