Filipino Friday #3: The Pinoy Book Drop

As much as I wanted to participate in the book drop activity, I couldn’t. Happily, there’s two questions in today’s Filipino Friday so the non-participants can join in still. Tell us about your most memorable or favorite book hunting experience. Have you ever found a book in a most unexpected place? If you find a […]

Filipino Friday (2): Kids and Books

This week’s Filipino Friday question is something close to my heart. Well, it is books so that’s a given, but it’s also about children’s books (which I’d include young adult fiction). What were your favorite books as a kid or while you were growing up? Do you still read children’s books? If you could give […]

Filipino Fridays 2013: Introduction

Filipino Friday 2013 kicks off with this question, “What kind of reader are you?” based on this infographic by Laura E. Kelly. Going through the infographic, I realized that I cannot be pinned down to just one kind of book reader. I’m definitely a mutt, because of the way I feel about books and reading […]