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From Friday to Friday

I’ve been really lazy with blogging in past year or two. When I first started I could write about three entries a day. Now, I’m lucky if I would get in the mood to write one a week. I’ve got tons of drafts, but hardly get them posted. I must change that.

For now, I’m going to go through my week really quick, if you’re interested.

Friday, April 23
Went with Presea to Saleng: The Traveling Bonfires at Conspiracy Bar & Garden Cafe on Lornadahl‘s invite. It’s a fund-raising event for ACAY (Association Compassion Asian Youth), a non-profit humanitarian service organization for youth at risk and run under the Missionaries of Mary. Screening of several short films (my favorite was Khavn de la Cruz’ “Cans and Slippers”), poetry reading (best poems of the night were from Of Wisdom and Love) and music was the entertainment of the night. Artists like The Sleepyheads, Anak ni Aling Juana, Ka-Laya, The Late Isabel and one of the ACAY beneficiaries performed to a very appreciative audience.

I enjoyed The Sleepyheads, as Jayvee del Rosario’s playing style reminded me so much of Gene Krupa. Conrad Garcia’s words (poems turned lyrics) were hypnotizing and inspiring. I had a great time with my friends, even though I had to leave early (early by Lornadahl’s standards haha).

Sunday, April 25
I met with Drew late in the afternoon to watch Kick Ass. Since we didn’t make the 4pm screening, we went around the nearby shops to pass time. I had him taste Dr. Pepper (which comes in ridiculously small cans now), looked at comics, furniture shops (I saw an Eero Aarnio ball chair, not sure if it was an original but it sure looked like one) then headed to food court. He had his early dinner, while I just nommed on hakkao from President’s (ironic that I had it here instead of Binondo). While waiting we saw some men sleeping at the Glorietta 4 park. It started off with one man, then two, then three. I couldn’t stop laughing at the scene.

Kick Ass was great! Bloody, violent, but fun and in an odd way, sexy. I liked the audience too, because they just watched appreciatively and reacted well to the scenes. No irritating commentators (like when we saw HTTYD), and I got to love the two guys in front of me who moved to different seats, leaving the seats in front of Drew and me clear. Yeeha. No more obstacles! Thanks for the movie Drew 🙂

Monday, April 26
My grandpa arrived the night before, to my surprise, because I thought it was going to be my dad and my brother. Turns out Lolo had his check-up scheduled so he had to come here. Miks accompanied him for his morning appointment, while I went with him to his evening appointment which we almost missed. The findings were good, his heart and cholesterol were normal and healthy for someone his age (going on 85), but the doctor wanted to check his kidneys. I hope that turns out well too.

Thursday, April 29
Salary came in early and I immediately set aside a substantial amount for savings. I didn’t want to end up using all up of my money and not knowing where it went. Lunch was free since the company was hosting a birthday luncheon for all the April celebrants (something they do monthly). My only expense was the iced caramel macchiato I got when the team went to Starbucks. My boss gave me a mug as a gift, which was actually a request from me.

There were some parlor games during the lunch too. My team lost, because the guys didn’t want to strip. The team that won had the guys stripping down to just their pants, much to the audience’s delight. I didn’t get a prize but since one of the winners already had one before, he gave me his extra. Yay!

After work, I headed to Cubao to meet my family. Tita Marilyn was here with her husband for my cousin Biboy’s oath-taking to the bar. We had dinner at Seafood Island and had a great time. The food was great, the company more amazing. It was wonderful to see my cousins, and get some goodies from Dumaguete. Tita knows how much I love the chicharon there.

Nunik and Cindy arrived home a little later from their road trip up north. They told us stories of what they did, and showed us the stuff they got. Nunik bought two kilos of Vigan longganisa, which I shall cook tomorrow.

Friday, April 30
For lunch, the team went to Cafe Lydia in Marikina. Our manager Mryla suggested this as a sort of belated birthday blowout. It’s a “hole in the wall” place, and I can’t tell you how to get there except ride a jeep from Pasig and when you get to Marikina, it’ll pass by there. I had some pasta with bacon and mushroom sauce, and we had anchovy pizza and buffalo wings for appetizers. It’s a lovely place, with great food (the servings are more than enough for one person) at a very affordable price. Lunch and dinner usually require reservation due to number of people who come there but our lunchtime visit had only a few diners, surprisingly.

Oh, and we did three cities in 5 minutes. Yeah. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’ll be seeing my friends. I hope we make it to where we want to go. Details after.

Slow Sunday

I went out in the morning to watch “Alice in Wonderland.” I expected a lot of people but from experience, watching the first show scheduled is usually the best time because there’s not much people. Of course if you could get your tickets in advance, so much the better but I suppose that depends on the theater.

I won’t spoil it by yapping on about it, but suffice to say a Burton/Depp/Bonham-Carter project is often always a winner in my book. Not to mention there’s a few other of my favorite people there, namely Alan Rickman and Stephen Fry. Anne Hathaway was lovely too, and I couldn’t help but find similarities in her actions to her role in “Princess Diaries.” If you’ve seen both movies, you’ll know what I mean.

Too bad I don’t have pictures of the posters (which I’d love to collect) or the cardboard stand things. I’d love to watch this movie again (and I probably will over the weekend).

SM Megamall had this activity for Iron Man 2 and there were these cosplayers the kids were posing with.

A sticker in the FX I was riding. I agree, but somehow some people don’t know that they have bad body odor.

Sign somewhere outside our place. It’s actually quite hidden and I wouldn’t have spotted it if the trike didn’t stop at this particular part.

My dad & grandpa are here for the latter’s monthly check-up. We went to SM Marikina (I’m surrounded by SMs!) for some errands and they had their hair cut. I would also like to apologize for my “katarayan” to the attendant at Octagon. I think my dad was surprised too. Hehe.

P.S. The weather is quite terrible.

Weekend post

It’s one of those weekends where everything seemed to just fall into place. Despite the hectic-ness of it all, the oh-so-close and nearly missed times, things worked out that you couldn’t just help go “wow, thanks,” after everything.

Evecar & JP’s wedding
The day finally arrived. My best friend’s older sister, whom I consider my older sister too, got married yesterday. It was truly long event-in-the-making, most of the details which I didn’t really know except for a few bits and pieces, courtesy of Nez and her cousin, Manuel.

I was supposed to be at the family’s condo in Manila at 8:00 AM, but since I wanted to pass by The T-shirt Project’s sale, I arrived there around 10. I was immediately set upon by the make-up artist, who had no idea I wasn’t part of the entourage until the last minute of my, er, making up. Nez wanted me to have a hairpiece like the bridesmaids but I thought that was overkill. Besides, the color didn’t fit my dress.

Things were running great, from my point of view. I thought we were right on schedule, especially as the bride’s family was notorious for being late. Carlo, one of their brothers, told me that we were actually still late, based on their original time table, but I pointed out that at least we started the ceremony with everyone complete.

The wedding was at the Manila Cathedral, but we went by Sofitel for a pictorial with the bride. I gave in to my best friend’s request and wore 4.5″ Christian Loubotin patent pumps. I walked from the parking lot, through the side entrance to the elevator and up to the room where the bride and groom were preparing. I barely sat to rest my aching feet when we were ushered out again to the lobby/Le Bar for another set of photos. To which I whispered to one of the titas, “Why am I here again?”

I really cannot see the point of high hells, er, heels. Sorry ladies. I’m more Danny Choo’s fan than Jimmy’s. I tried to really, really, make it work, but where I’m normally the fastest walker in my group, I ended up being the slowest. It was an experience, all right… one I’d rather not repeat. Thank God for back-up shoes.

I did manage to get into the pictures. I was sitting in one of the couches when one by one, the bridesmaids sat down beside be as the bride was taking a picture with her mom. Afterwards she joined us and the photographer started to take photos. Most of the time, I just stood there (or sat haha).

We were at the Cathedral around 4 PM. I thought we were going to start immediately but it turns out that there was a previous wedding going on so we had to wait. It was a military wedding, complete with cadets and sabers to salute the bride and groom as they exited the church. It was rather interesting, even the wedding after us, where the male half of the entourage we all Caucasian men wearing Barong Tagalog. It was definitely an interesting sight and too bad I didn’t have a picture.

The wedding was beautiful. I couldn’t help but tear up as Evecar walked down the aisle. There were a lot of happy tears around but it was the groom’s dad who stole the show. He really cried as he was walking with his wife and JP and it was so touching.

The reception was at Intramuros and wow. I can’t find enough words to describe it. It was elegant, classy and just awesome (sorry for the so over used word). We were all thankful that it didn’t rain. Not a cloud in the sky to mar the beautiful evening.

Photo by Nelwin Uy

I got roped into the bouquet toss, but it was my best friend who got picked in the end. The guy who got the garter was a classmate of the groom.

Afterwards, I went with Caryl (one of the bride’s sisters), Manuel and his friend for pictures around the grounds. What I’d give for a professional photographer (or at least, a tripod), but I think we made great use of our point and shoot cameras. Hey, it’s only once in a while that we’d be all dressed up and in such a fabulous location.

It was late when we left Intramuros. I ended up sleeping at their house, because I thought my bag was at the condo so I had to wait for it in the morning. Turns out it was in the car all along, so I could’ve gone home. Oh well, it was nice to be able to just relax after such a hectic day.

Everything was just beautiful that day. The church, the dresses, the make up, the location… I could go on. Even the little glitches were things that you could overlook because of the way everything just fell through.

Did I mention that the bride wore two gowns? For the church ceremony she wore a Vera Wang wedding dress, then for the reception, it was a St. Pucci one (or I got it the other way around?). The maid of honor, my ever fashionista best friend, wore Oscar de la Renta. I get my fashion education from them haha.

Congratulations and best wishes to JP and Evecar-Cruz Ferrer!

Toy Story
Supposedly, I was going to watch “A Christmas Carol” with Drew. However, I was late… and it was 3D. Kuripot the two us were, we ended up doing a small food trip (well, it was mostly me who was eating/drinking) while walking around.

Legos are love, love, love. They cost an arm and a leg though, so I’ll end up doing some wishful thinking. Ah, but it’s nice to dream, and who knows, maybe I’ll end up buying something one day.

On the way home, I managed to buy some gifts for the office Kris Kringle. Got a few items that I needed as well, so I ended up spending a bit more than I expected. Oh well.

Tired, but in a good way. Here’s to another work week!


Last night was a sort of anniversary night, though an unintentional one. Exactly a year ago, Kat, Lady Holden and myself were in Baguio with a few other friends for the homecoming. We hung around school, schmoozed with our professors, schoolmates and artsy folk from the Baguio community. Last night, we somehow had a similar experience.

Kidlat Tahimik, his wife Katrin de Guia and their sons, Kidlat Jr., Kawayan and Kabunyan held their first ever family exhibit at the Rico Renzo Galleries and Caffe in Makati, “K+kkk+K – Ayos! (Order in Chaos).” I can’t claim to have words on how to describe such an artistic endeavor, but it was wonderful to see this amazing family together, showcasing their art and their talents.

I first met Kidlat Tahimik, or “Kuya Kid,” during the homecoming last year. He was there with Katrin or “Nanay,” as Kat calls her, and Kabunyan, who also went to UP Baguio. I spoke to them briefly, and found them a very lovely couple. Katrin (I love her name. It helps me appreciate mine so much more) is a beautiful and gracious woman, an artist in her own right, while Kidlat is a funny, down-to-earth man who always seem to have a smile on his face. Needless to say, I was their fan, as well as of their works.

It is a rare treat to see the De Guias together, so last night’s event was a must-go-to. I’m glad I didn’t miss it, and I’m glad I wasn’t too late that I was able to catch their “opening dance number.” Kidlat led his family and a few friends around the room, wearing his trademark bahag.

What I loved about it was unlike other exhibit openings I’ve been to, the atmosphere was relaxed and very low key. I recognized Howie Severino, but otherwise, it seemed more like a small, friendly gathering. Kidlat Tahimik’s mother also graced the event and at 92, was still spiry and alert as anyone younger than her.

We didn’t get to stay for long, as hunger pangs quickly overcame us. Sad to say my camera’s battery ran out too quickly, but thankfully, I managed to get some decent pictures.

Kabunyan de Guia and Kidlat de Guia

“The Scream” by Kabunyan de Guia, whom Kidlat Tahimik calls his “little toilet artist, but in a good way.”

Kidlat Tahimik’s contribution

With Thet and Katrin de Guia, one of the most beautiful women I have ever met

Shoes that Lornadahl wanted

Hamming it up with Kidlat Tahimik. My batteries died right after this.

Catching up
From the gallery, we walked towards Buendia cor. Paseo for dinner. We ended up at Teriyaki Boy because no one was feeling adventurous in terms of exploring food. It was a lovely walk, the wind blowing coldly, eliciting memories of our years in Baguio.

After dinner, we just talked until Thet decided we should go for coffee. Right across the street was a Starbucks store but surprisingly, it was closed, and it was just around 9:30 PM.

We walked a long way just to look for an open coffee shop. From Buendia, we walked down Makati Avenue, then along Paseo de Roxas, ending up outside Ayala Avenue. From Ayala, we went down Rufino, then through one of the back streets. We ended up at Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at Convergys, where we stayed for a couple more hours until the store was about to close.

It was a long trip back to Pasig for me, but made all the more interesting with Kat and an old Sharon Cuneta/Rudy Fernandez movie (with Johnny Delgado and Miguel Rodriguez, which made us realize that Sharon’s co-stars in that movie were gone). Ah life.

Hope you all had a good weekend 🙂

Little things that make me happy

The long weekend was good. My sister was here, so that meant all five of us sibs were complete.

Saturday, my sister and I spent some time together. We went to SM Manila to look for a gift for my best friend’s sister. I’m glad for the gift checks that I have because I didn’t have to spend much for anything. Afterwards, we went to meet my best friend. Notorious for being late, I knew that we were going to wait for a bit.

Thankfully there was a Starbucks nearby, so while waiting, my sister read the newest Kiko Machine compilation, while I played “Professor Layton and the Diabolical Box.” Yes, I managed to find a copy.

The Starbucks branch we were in was busy, and there were a lot of Korean students. I joked that I felt like I was the foreigner.

An hour later, Nez finally arrived and we went ahead to decorate their place for the party.

It was a good night. I had a blast hanging out with my best friend and her family, and it was great to finally introduce my sister to them. I’ve known Nez since we were 2nd grade but they rarely get to see my family. As her brother said, he had this idea that I was an only child. Haha.

Sunday, Dion, Otki and I went to Megamall because Dion wanted to buy some cards. He’s pretty much into card tricks these days, and he’s collecting different types of these cards. He’s pretty good at saving up his allowance so whatever he buys, he gets from his own money.

We just went around the shops, had lunch and merienda. It was a sale weekend, although surprisingly, there weren’t that much people compared to the last time I was there during a sale. Probably people already spent their money… or they were there the day before.

Monday, I took Otki to the bus station, then played most of the day. Half of the puzzles I solved thanks to the help of my siblings. The game itself became a joint effort between us haha. I finished the game last night.

The story here is a bit more dramatic than “Curious Village,” and instead of being on one location, here you actually get to solve puzzles in three (or at least, the major locations anyway) places: the train, Dropstone and Folsense. Four, if you count London. Oh, and the final puzzle is really clever. It’s so simple to solve but it took me a while to figure out what to do next… and it wasn’t with the stylus either.

Some of the puzzles really stumped me, but a good chunk of them were pretty easy to solve. With “Curious Village,” there were some instructions that had me scratching my head because it was so vague, but the clues here were a lot more clearer, and a few of the puzzles were related to the story, so it works well. I love the animation and the music, and I’m really hoping that the movie will be subbed soon!

I’ve got a few side puzzles and some unsolved puzzles within the game that I’m going to finish, but I want a new Layton game, mostly for the story. Ah, poor Final Fantasy III, I never got back to you.

Bean Boozled on Saturday

Yesterday was a busy day. I did the Book Geek thing at Fully Booked, then met with Drew, supposedly to have ice cream but we ended up doing a lot of things except have ice cream. Afterwards, I met with my family for dinner with Tita Marilyn and Biboy.

Earlier, while Drew & I were looking at PSP prices and some toys, I bought a box of Jelly Belly’s “Bean Boozled”. It brought to mind the Every Flavor Beans in the Harry Potter series (which I’m sure was based on Jelly Belly’s anyway). I ate a few pieces — ear wax and rotten eggs, I think, and didn’t like it. Now, I think that meant their recipe is effective because if it was meant to taste bad, then that’s good right? *grin*

After munching on a few beans, I figured my cousins would get a kick out of this, so I saved it. My sister knew what it was and she was the one who made everyone eat a bean.

I got to taste toothpaste (which was pretty ok), pepper (ugh), pencil shavings (tastes like “anghit” daw haha) and I think it skunk spray. Thankfully, there was one piece of candy corn that I got. But while eating it, I had a glass of water and a tub of marshmallow candy next to me.

It’s good fun for parties and what not, but I’ll eat the regular Jelly Beans more hehe.

It’s been educational

Late yesterday afternoon, I met up with Drew at Makati to attend a lecture on teaching Katakana his friend Richard invited him to go to. Despite the fact that I can’t speak Japanese and the only sentence I can speak decently is the basic greeting, there were a few things I learned. I even managed to understand what one teacher was talking about. I’m not sure how but I think it was due to his hand gestures and facial expressions.

Food trip
Finally got to eat at Sizzling Pepper Steak. It wasn’t as good as I expected, but it was good enough, and one order fills you up well.

Today, Gerone and I seemed to do nothing but eat. We had lunch at Jumbo Japs, nibbled on Reese’s Pieces while waiting for 1 pm, then bought 3 pieces of day old and two pieces of penoy. Did I mention there’s sans rival in the fridge?

We finally were able to bring Dion to the doctor. He has asthma, and the family was worried that since he was studying in the middle of the city, he might be prone to getting attacks and wanted to see a specialist.

We went to Medical City in Ortigas to Dr. Michelle de Vera. She said that what we’re doing now for Dion was good, considering that he doesn’t get attacks very often (but when he does, it’s really tough). She recommended that he carry an inhaler around all the time, use it as often as needed and call her if he uses it more often than normal.

Going around
There’s an exhibit of sorts at the LRT Cubao station, and I got some pictures of it. Really interesting stuff.

Later on, Dion and I went around Recto to look for the books he needs for school. I was able to go inside FEU as well. It’s my first time to do so and I was pleasantly surprised. From the outside, you’d think that it would be crowded with a cluster of buildings. Definitely not like UP Diliman or Ateneo.

However, the campus has this huge space in the middle, and the surrounding areas are nicely landscaped with big trees providing cool shade. Not something you’d expect smack dab in the middle of the city.

Everyone who comes in gets their temperature checked and if found negative, stamped on with a “pass”. I wasn’t exempted haha.

Baguio weekend

Last weekend, Den and I went to Baguio. She told me that she had been hankering for a visit to our college town and asked if I wanted to come along (then again, whether or not I could go wouldn’t stop her hehe).

I had several reasons why I couldn’t go: work, lack of budget, plus I promised to go to my best friend’s thanksgiving dinner that weekend (she just passed the bar, yahoo!). But then, it was Baguio… and I wanted to see my sister who my parents said wasn’t feeling well when they visited her the previous week.

It took some juggling, but I managed to get a Friday leave and cough up some funds. I planned to go back on Saturday around lunch, leaving Den in Baguio. The last minute, my brother Miks and Den’s sister Mic joined us, so not only was it a friend bonding trip, but a sibling bonding one.

We decided to take the earliest trip from Manila to Baguio, but instead of the midnight trip, we got the 2 AM one. Not bad, but somehow, there was another mix-up in the tickets (which happened the last time Den & I went to Baguio too. I wonder if there’s a jinx of sorts?). The trip was rather long too, closer to seven hours instead of six like it was originally.

We arrived in Baguio amidst the sounds of Air Supply videoke and the Pork Chop Duo. Upon arrival, we went to meet my sister Otki, drop off our stuff and go to UP.

Ah, UP. No words could describe you. You’ve changed but I still love you. We had breakfast at the Upper Canteen and went around the campus, with me as the tour guide. We had the requisite pictures with Oble and waited for Otki.

Just because there’s a UP in Diliman or Manila doesn’t make this UP less of… UP. ^_~

We spent the rest of the morning at SM while waiting for 2 PM so we could check in. Den & Mic slept the afternoon away, while my siblings and I went back to SM to shop and meet my friend Yvie. Afterwards, Otki went with her friends, while I lounged at the hotel using their free wi-fi.

Dinner was at our staple restaurant, Steaks and Toppings, and afterwards, a nice walk along Session Road.

The next day, Miks went home early, while Den & I met up with our classmates Kat and Jang for breakfast at Pizza Volante along Session (this branch is what the locals like better than the one at SM hehe). It was a wonderful hour of chatting and good food.

Afterwards, Den went to meet her friend in SM (again, hehe) and I went to meet Otki. My friends from our office’s IT were in Baguio to work on something, so I thought I’d visit them. I wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see this place up close.

I caught the 1:10 PM bus to Manila, while Otki went back to school. My trip was more than eight hours, and I barely made it to my best friend’s party — but I did! The only thing I wasn’t able to do that weekend was watch the Davids in concert, but I didn’t mind… much :p

Busy weekend, but such fun. I am thankful.

Book heaven

I have a strong love for secondhand bookshops. More than half of my books are from the bargain bins, mostly out of print works or books that are very hard to find here in the Philippines (not to mention expensive if I order it from abroad), but for most part those are lucky and chance finds.

day4-books.jpg It never fails that when I’m at any mall, I make a beeline for the bookstore, and if I know there are book thrift shops, I’d pass by those too. When I’m with my two college best friends, these are our usual haunts. Even my friend Bakemono knows that I have to pass by a bookstore when we meet up to watch a movie. It’s like a blackhole that sucks me right in.

Today, I was with Den and her sister. We met up in a bookstore, where I got a copy of her book and a sketchpad (small enough to lug around & it has a nice, solid back). As we walked around the mall to head to another big bookstore, we passed by a small, secondhand bookstall. Needless to say, we got sucked in.

There were scores of amazing titles by writers we both loved, as well as a few others that I had heard of and wanted to read. The prices were reasonable, and I lamented the fact that I didn’t bring enough money with me. I went home with just one book. It was hard leaving those books. Luckily, the attendant told me they had a branch that was nearer where I lived, so it should be easy for me to find copies of the titles I wanted. Yay!

Then I had the sudden thought of working in that big bookstore in Bonifacio High Street. Admittedly, I’m not really comfortable with the idea of facing people (I am somewhat anti-social), but the idea of working around books sounds like heaven. Yes, yes I know it’s not going to be that easy, but I am very tempted to try it.

Nothing to lose, much to gain, I say.

Monster daze

Disclaimer: I wouldn’t actually call this a review, as I feel that I’m not good at them, but more of just my quick thoughts on the movie itself. I tried not so put spoilers though.

Compared to its predecessors in the computer animation world, such as The Incredibles or Monsters Inc. or Cars, Monsters vs. Aliens is a very light movie, plot-wise but also in terms of running time (about an hour and 45 minutes). I didn’t feel any anticipation (you know, the “Uh oh, what happens next?” feeling) as the story went along, nothing exciting like the climax or conflict.

However, that doesn’t mean I didn’t like the movie. On the contrary, I found Monsters vs. Aliens a pretty good watch. For me, the story is simple and you can easily see where it’s headed. In a way, the outcome of the movie is a tad predictable. So what makes it attractive?

Animation-wise, I was impressed by the textures of the characters’ skin. The freckles and pores on Susan’s face were clearly seen, showing realism that wasn’t possible some years ago. Check out the scales on Link’s body, or the movement of the hairs on the giant insect’s body.

The dialogue, the tongue-in-cheek one lines and innuendos had me laughing for most of the movie. I couldn’t help but wonder if there was any meaning to the the president’s portrayal (but he was good for a lot of laughs throughout the movie). I also wondered if it’s a testament to my age or geekiness that I could identify a few references to other pop-culture icons.

Again, I don’t find Monsters vs. Aliens an awesome movie, but it’s a good watch if you want to relax and just have a good laugh.

Got my cannoli
On the recommendation of a friend via Plurk, I headed to Marciano’s in Greenbelt 3 to finally get me some of my long desired cannoli. Drew wasn’t feeling well so he skipped trying it. It wasn’t bad. The crust was crunchy, with the insides softened by the creamy strawberry flavored filling. I didn’t know if it was cream or cheese though (but I know most cannoli’s are filled with a cheese based mixture).

I’ll try to make some of my own one of these days.

what more…
The guy known as Secondhand Serenade was doing a soundcheck as we left GB3. Either that, or his concert was woefully under-attended. I hope it was the former.

Spent a few minutes in Powerbooks, looking for something to get and read but the books I wanted were way over my budget. Didn’t find anything in Booksale later on either, so I’m determined to head to Recto for something. Waiting for payday though.

At the dimsum section of Shopwise in Cubao