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February list

We’re well into the second week of the month (and the week’s nearly over too). I thought I’d list down some goals for February, as inspired by Carina. There’s still time, and there are a couple of things that I want/need to do. Here we go.

  • Write 5 articles a day
  • Have $500 by February 28
  • Write down everything I eat
  • Write down all expenses
  • Take daily photographs
  • Memorize katakana

Not much, really. Let’s see how well I fare come March.

In other news, here’s my horoscope for the day (Wednesday, rather. I didn’t realize the day has changed). I don’t quite fully believe in them, but it’s always fun to read them and perhaps use them as a guide for my life. Without going into detail, let’s just say that today’s forecast for my sign is a little apt for something that’s running through my mind.

Love may be in the air with sweet Venus visiting your impulsive sign until March 5. You’re optimistic about your chances, whether or not something actually happens. Just remember not to come on too strong or you might overwhelm someone with your exuberance. Express what’s in your heart, but make sure to allow enough room for others to be themselves.

Such fun.

Also, I want to change my writing style/voice. If it were music, I think it’s too pop but not in anyway appealing.

Exploring my options

It’s now a week in to 2012, and I have yet to take time to really think about what I want to do in the immediate future. I now have the most free time I’ve ever had in years since I left school, and I have enough finances to keep me afloat for a month or two. I don’t really have any responsibilities: no work to get up for, not much bills to pay (aside from the electric and DSL bill, I’m practically debt free) and no pressure to take care of anyone but myself. It’s quite refreshing, actually — even though for the first few days I was really bored.

I have decided to truly take a break and enjoy this time that I have. I’ve signed up for Japanese classes in UP, and I am also contemplating on applying for an internship with a photography group (need a bit more confidence on that one hehe).

Still, I’ve thought about a few things I could do to earn some money while enjoying “bumhood”. Here are a few ideas that I’ve been playing around with:

  • Barista – There’s something about working in a coffee shop that piques my interest (even though said coffee shop will mostly likely be a brand chain one). While I’m not a coffee drinker┬áconnoisseur, I am fascinated by the process that coffee goes through for us to enjoy a cup.
  • Creative writer – Maybe this time I could finally finish a story and sell it. Then again, I have a feeling I’ll be enduring more pain with this than trying to be a barista.
  • Sell my artwork – Not that I have much now, but probably do something commission based?
  • Make stuff. A few days back I broached the idea of making clay stuff for Geevie’s accessory business. Another idea was to make miniature rooms and furniture for dolls.
  • Continue on my freelance work as an article writer (most feasible).

As for activities, I’ve got two trips already lined up (Coron and Tacloban), with two out-of-the-country trips being planned. Two concerts here (Hanson and Jason Mraz, though the latter has no set date yet) — and whatever other stuff I want to do.

Aside from that, my goal is to start living a healthier life: eat better, move more and make wiser choices when it comes to what I put/use on my body. Lofty goals? I think not. Expressing myself creatively more this year is also one of the things that I will fulfill this year. I feel like I’m starting all over again with art/drawing, but it feels like a good thing.

So, 2012. Let’s do this!