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Shout It Out: Hanson in Manila

I apologize in advance if this would be an incoherent post. I spent the whole morning trying to find a witty opening line for this post, and I can’t. I still have a “Hanson hangover” from last night’s concert. “Witty” and “creative” opening paragraphs are far from me right now.

Big confession here. Obviously, I am a Hanson fan. Not so huge that I am not a member of their fan club, I skipped their concert back in 2004 in favor of Jars of Clay and didn’t go to the signing activity last Thursday — but a fan enough to not miss this opportunity. My friend and former co-worker Day convinced me to get the most expensive seats in the concert, and while I was still rolling in dough, I did.

My love for the music of Hanson started in 1997. Mmmbop was always playing on the radio, and it was impossible miss this young band that was different from the other boy bands around. They were younger (Isaac is the oldest and he is the same age as Nick Carter and Justin Timberlake), they played their own instruments and wrote their own songs. Not to mention that their songs were pretty mature for their age.

Like the boy bands, they sing about romantic love and heartbreak, but they also sing about life and death. Their song With You In Your Dreams is a tribute to their late grandmother, while Yearbook had a more dramatic theme of a schoolmate who suddenly gone missing. My favorite songs were Minute Without You and Madeline, but I can (still) sing along to every song in that album.

For me, the best thing about Hanson is that they are not just flash and bang. It is not all about the show (but they do deliver a heck of a good one). They lasted twenty years in the business, which is a major feat, and show no signs of stopping. The fact that they are brothers can be a contributing factor, but then again, we’ve seen bands with a similar set-up come and go *coughthemoffatscough* With the Hanson brothers, music really comes first. It’s who they are, it’s what they love.

Back in Manila
Nearly eight years after their first visit to the Philippines, Hanson is back. When you think about it, it’s a big deal for them to travel all the way from the U.S. and be the only concert they perform in the general area of Asia and the Pacific. I mean, the next gig I see is in Australia for September. So yeah, thanks guys.

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March Music

I’m going to see three artists in concert this March. That’s somewhat of an achievement for me since I don’t really like going to concerts unless I really like the artist. Last year I splurged for Jason Mraz and I don’t regret a single minute.

On March 3, I’ll be watching L’Arc En Ciel in Hong Kong. It’ll be my first trip there, and my first trip out of the country just for a group. Biggest adventure so far, and I’m pretty excited.

March 20 is all set for Toe, another Japanese band that my brother Nunik introduced to me sometime in 2010. He’s a big fan of the drummer, and he has been gunning for the group to perform here. Thankfully, the group said “Ok, we’ll play in the Philippines”. Weeee.

All set for Toe

March 30 will mark the return of Hanson after seven years. I’m going to watch with the biggest Hanson fan I know. During their first show I didn’t go because I was in Baguio and I chose to watch Jars of Clay instead. Now that they’re back, well why not?

I can’t wait.