Filipino Friday (2): Kids and Books

This week’s Filipino Friday question is something close to my heart. Well, it is books so that’s a given, but it’s also about children’s books (which I’d include young adult fiction). What were your favorite books as a kid or while you were growing up? Do you still read children’s books? If you could give […]

Inside Pottermore

Yesterday, my “owl from Hogwarts” arrived, informing me that I can now log in and experience Pottermore. I immediately dived in to exploring the site. When the news of Pottermore first came out, it was said to release ebook and audiobook versions of the Harry Potter series. Furthermore, it will include additional content and information […]

Booking Through Thursday: Anticipation

Booking Through Thursday: What’s the last book you were really EXCITED to read? And, were you excited about it in advance? Or did the excitement bloom while you were reading it? Are there any books you’re excited about right NOW? The last book I remember being very, very excited to read that I was ready […]

Wizard Madness

If there’s anything I’d go crazy about, it’s Harry Potter. While I haven’t gone all rabid like some fans have, I still am rather ga-ga over the franchise. Crushing on Ron, impatiently waiting for the last two movies to see the much awaited Ron-Hermionie kiss (I have a feeling that this is the pairing people […]

Half-Blood Prince thoughts

I saw “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” twice: once with my siblings, and once with my friends. I re-read the book a few days before, just to refresh my memory with the story (not that I’m quite unfamiliar with it haha). There were many liberties taken with the how the movie was made, as […]