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Hello weekend

I woke up yesterday with my right eye feeling a bit swollen. It didn’t look like it was bitten by an insect, so I didn’t give it much thought. When I got to the office, Gio commented that it was somewhat red. The nurse at the clinic gave me some eye drops to help relieve it. Later, I went to see the company doctor who told me that I might have viral conjunctivitis. She gave me a med cert and told me to go home.

I missed out on the office get-together, but that’s all right. I’d rather be here than infect everybody, then we’d all be out on Monday. Weeee. The business would love that.

Human Heart Nature haul
After a long time, I finally got to order some things from HHN. They’ve released several new products this year, which replaced some of the things that they’re removing from their line up. I’m a bit sad that the mango butter conditioner line is phased out, and they’re just emptying out their stock. It’s my favorite conditioner, and the peppermint one is really very nice.

I decided to get their new balancing facial wash. Fristine had the privilege of testing that before it launched and she said it was great. I must agree. It’s made for normal, oily or combination skin, which is exactly what I have. This wash is so refreshing and it makes my skin feel very clean. I haven’t tried the toner yet, but I will hopefully soon.

I also have the hand sanitizer, which is small enough to fit my bag. I didn’t like the smell at first, but when I got used to it, it was pretty nice. They also have a new make-up like called “Love Minerals” but since I don’t wear make-up, I’m not sure if I want to try it. Still, HHN has a lot of hits with me. I look forward to trying out their new products.

Health is wealth

My parents and I took my sister to a neurologist today. She was complaining of chronic headache as well as a slight bump in her head. So far, the tests the doctor gave her showed that her motor and response skills were normal, but was advised to have a CT scan. We’ll get the results tomorrow.

On our way to the scan facility (it wasn’t at the clinic), we ran into some bloopers that had us all in good spirits the rest of the day. Hope my storytelling does it justice.

Security Guard: Magandang hapon po sir! San po kayo?
Papa: Sa I-Scan lang sir.
SG: Ano po pakay nyo dun sir?
Papa: (after a second, trying not to laugh) Magpapa-scan.
SG: Ah sige po. Me baril kayo?
Papa: Wala po.
SG: Sige sir, tuloy po kayo!

After driving around for a few minutes, we decided to ask for directions.

Papa: Excuse me, san dito yung I-Scan? Yung facility ng pag scan tulad ng CT, MRI?
Man in a scrub suit: (looks around the area) Ay, dati naka park lang sila dito. Wala na ngayon.
Papa: O sige, salamat po.

He then closes the window and we call start laughing uncontrollably. Finally we decided to ask the security near the ER for directions.

Mama: Miss, san po dito yung facility ng pag-scan? Yung I-Scan?
Lady Guard: (I’ll type how she said it) E-scan po or Eye-scan?
Mama: I-Scan.
LG: Ay di ko po alam.

It turns out that the place we were looking for is outside the compound. We didn’t mind the bit of a drive-around as it was good for a few laughs. In the end, it was a tricycle driver who told us how to get there.

Relief Operations
For those who are in Baguio, the University of the Philippines Baguio will be holding relief operations this Wednesday, October 14. Details can be viewed at the UPB website.


The University is coordinating relief efforts through the Human Resources Development Office (HRDO). Donations of relief goods may be centralized at the HRDO care of Director Maria Ana Diaz.

Cash Donations may be deposited to the UPCB Education Foundation Inc., with the following account details:

* Account Number: 0510-004420-030
* Bank: Development Bank of the Philippines
* Branch: Baguio

All donations whether cash or in kind will be properly acknowledged. Donations will be systematically documented and accounted for.

For inquiries: Please contact Prof. Maan Diaz at (074) 445-0785, or Remy Ramos, Chancellor’s Office, at (074) 442-3888.


Sunday, September 13


Some people see this flower as a weed, but I find it rather charming, especially since a lot of its kind would grow around my grandparents’ house. I don’t know it’s name, but it has always been there.

Online reunion
I added my godfather on Facebook, and we chatted a bit early today. He thought I wouldn’t remember him anymore. I surprised him by not only knowing who he was, but talking about his house, his family and other things that I do remember. They left for the U.S. when I was around 7.

Feel a bit under the weather. I now have the sniffles and cough.

Happy birthday to my wonderful mom. I love you. 🙂 I think FEU’s win was a nice present for you.

Repost: How to lose weight

Here’s something I wrote last year (or was it two years ago?). A humorous (?) piece on how to lose weight. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy!

How to Lose Weight (and maybe save some money in the progress)

1. Get a second job. Part time, full time, it’s up to you. Juggle the work schedules between each job. Figure out the commute from one location to another. Watch the pounds melt away!
2. Eat two full meals a day (breakfast and dinner), and Skyflakes only in between.
3. Drink only water, with the occasional coffee (3-in-1) or softdrink. Unless someone says he/she will treat you to a Caramel Macchiato at Starbucks.
4. Walk. Walk to where you need to go. If you live near the office, walk. If the distance is the same as that of RCBC to HSBC, walk. Walk from Buendia to Ayala MRT. If you get tired, stop by one of the food stores along the way and grab a drink of water.
5. On your workdays, sleep eight hours. But it will be cut into a three-hour and four hour sleep, in between your shifts and jobs. The one hour is the one where you fight getting up and repeatedly hit the snooze button.
6. Say goodbye to your social life, because you’re too busy with work. Naturally on your restdays, you’d rather be sleeping.
7. Pray. Pray that you won’t get sick with what you’re doing. Pray that you’ll still have some of your friends even after all the times you never get to see them. Pray that you’ll still have your sanity at the end of each day.

Original post here

I don’t remember why I wrote this though. :p