Hello weekend

I woke up yesterday with my right eye feeling a bit swollen. It didn’t look like it was bitten by an insect, so I didn’t give it much thought. When I got to the office, Gio commented that it was somewhat red. The nurse at the clinic gave me some eye drops to help relieve […]

Health is wealth

My parents and I took my sister to a neurologist today. She was complaining of chronic headache as well as a slight bump in her head. So far, the tests the doctor gave her showed that her motor and response skills were normal, but was advised to have a CT scan. We’ll get the results […]

Sunday, September 13

Some people see this flower as a weed, but I find it rather charming, especially since a lot of its kind would grow around my grandparents’ house. I don’t know it’s name, but it has always been there. Online reunionI added my godfather on Facebook, and we chatted a bit early today. He thought I […]

Repost: How to lose weight

Here’s something I wrote last year (or was it two years ago?). A humorous (?) piece on how to lose weight. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy! How to Lose Weight (and maybe save some money in the progress) 1. Get a second job. Part time, full time, it’s up to you. […]