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House Arrest

It’s the fourth day of my house arrest. I started counting from Monday, where I first took a sick leave. I am very grateful that there’s Internet, or else I’d be bored silly. I’m also thankful that even though it’s my eye that’s infected, I can still use it. I have a cousin who occasionally get severe eye allergy and he literally is blind for a few days.

“It’s tough not to be able see, Ate,” he told me the last time he had this allergy attack. “You can’t read, you can’t watch TV, you can’t play video games. There’s music to listen to but that’s still not much.” True indeed. If I played a musical instrument it would be fine, I suppose. But my guitar lacks a string and there’s only so much I can play without resorting to chords.

I’m not making much sense now, am I?

This eye virus/infection is really something. I am not really sick, meaning I don’t have any fever or anything that renders me physically incapable of getting out, going to work and doing my job. However, it’s the kind of illness that makes you stay home because it’s quite contagious, and it doesn’t look pretty. I’ve gone through several rolls of tissue because it’s like I’m crying all the time. *sigh*

Anyway, I’m off to the doctor. My youngest brother Dion said that it’s healing how since I’m “crying” all the time. I’ll be glad to get rid of this. While getting some rest is nice, I’d like to go back to my regular schedule.

Just go back from the clinic. I went to Medical City at SM Marikina and the doctor who attended to me was Dr. Jaime P. Capco. He said that while the problem with my eye is not contagious (so you don’t have to run when you see me people), it is caused by a bacterial. He had me do some tests (which proved that my eyesight is still pretty good) and said that I need two medicines: one to drop on my eye and the other to take orally to fight the bacteria. I can go out and work, he said, but I’d better take some precaution to protect my eyes. If by Saturday it’s still like this, I have to go back and see him.

I hope the medicines will take effect ASAP. As nice as the doctor was, I don’t want to see him again, and I mean that in a good way. 🙂

Quezon Day 2010

Quezon day today, so that means I’m on holiday. I initially thought about being lazy at home but I went to Ortigas to meet with Ching and Presea. Ching was starting on a new job near Megamall so that was where we met. Lunch of Bodhi (wish there was one in Eastwood), dessert of ice scramble.

Didn’t do much after that. We went to National Bookstore so both can look at things they needed. I perused the book sale pile and found none to my liking. Since they had to go back, I walked with them to Building B. I decided to pass by the Body Shop to check out the price of the perfume I liked, but was sidelined by Chapters & Pages.

While sometimes more expensive than Booksale, I do love their “Buy One Take One” section. There I found some interesting books. For P99, I got two new reads: “He’s Just Not That Into You” by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tucceillo, and “A Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing” by Melissa Bank.

It was inevitable that I pass by Booksale on my way back to Building A, where I found a hardback edition of Mary Balogh’s “Simply Dangerous” for P125, by far the most expensive book I got for the day. A Jude Deveraux hardback released late last year was also available but since I stopped reading her works (medyo boring na), I passed it up.

Since I was on a roll, I thought I’d say hello to Powerbooks na din, because sometimes they have this most amazing sale pile where I get a lot of cool books. A few minutes of looking and digging netted me two books from the “Once Upon A Time” series I’m collecting: “Sunlight and Shadow” by Cameron Dokey, and “The Crimson Thread” by Suzanne Weyn. Both books were at 50% off and I got them at 60% when I purchased a bookmark for P15. Yeeeha.



Today’s book haul for only P400+

I took the train to Cubao afterwards to pick up my sister who spent the past few days in Zambales. She had a lot of things with her, namely a giant pizza and a giant burger from Xtremely Xpresso in SBMA, much like the one we had before. It was my siblings’ first time to try it, and they were overwhelmed. Thanks to my mom & dad for buying it, and my sister for carrying it all the way from Olongapo!

Capped off the day with a short swim, then dinner of my share of the giant burger (which was already good as one Quarter Pounder), then wrote this entry.

Work tomorrow, but I feel good about it.

Photo dump after the cut. Click “Read more” below!

Cute doggie in the pet store

Taking the giant pizza home

Taxi meter with receipt!

Dig in!

Giant burger

Quiet afternoon


Also, I started watching “Katanagatari”, on the recommendation of my friend SushiChef. So far it’s a pretty good watch. I like the art and the costumes. The story is taking its time but I like the premise. It’s supposed to run for 12 episodes (started last January) and will air only one episode a month.

Still pretty cute though. 🙂

Candelaria again

In Candelaria now. Left Manila last night around 8:30. It had started to rain and continued up until we passed Pampanga. It was raining in some parts of Zambales too. I didn’t get to see much of Botolan, but from what I was able to catch a glimpse of, well, let’s just say that it won’t be the same. There were entire stretches where the only light was from the bus and street lamps. The houses were all dark.

My trip was fast, surprisingly. I expected to be in Candelaria by 2:30 at the earliest, but I was home by 1:30. Most night trips tend to be much faster than day trips. Thanks to manong driver for taking me home safe.

Thursday, I was in Baguio. Ching & I went to get some documents and met up with our college professors for our recommendations. It was great to hang out with them, catching up and joking. Sitting at the Inquirer office brought back my internship days.

We went back to Manila that same day. Tiring, but fun.

Tomorrow, we will go to the cemetery. Next week, Mama & Papa will work with some of their friends for a relief drive to Botolan. They said there were many families who still need help, and none are able to reach them. I hope I could come along and see how it goes.

Sunday, September 13


Some people see this flower as a weed, but I find it rather charming, especially since a lot of its kind would grow around my grandparents’ house. I don’t know it’s name, but it has always been there.

Online reunion
I added my godfather on Facebook, and we chatted a bit early today. He thought I wouldn’t remember him anymore. I surprised him by not only knowing who he was, but talking about his house, his family and other things that I do remember. They left for the U.S. when I was around 7.

Feel a bit under the weather. I now have the sniffles and cough.

Happy birthday to my wonderful mom. I love you. 🙂 I think FEU’s win was a nice present for you.