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Jars of Clay and Gungor Manila 2014

The eve of my birthday was full of fun, great music and positive vibes. Shabby and I were back in Bonifacio High Street for Jars of Clay, who the people of Church Simplified brought back for this year’s Walkway. Gungor is with them this year.

The concert started off with the talented Church Simplied band, whetting the crowd’s musical appetites with upbeat and positive tunes.

Gungor was a revelation. I’ve been living under a rock so I haven’t really heard their music, but I was blown away by their performance. Michael Gungor, lead vocalist and for whom the band was named, said that they don’t believe in genres, and it shows. In their hour-long performance I’ve heard them do rock, country, blues, jazz and even some sort of dubstep mix.

Shabby and I were trying to figure out who he sounded like. I thought Chris Martin of Coldplay, but in most songs he sounded like Dave Matthews.

I enjoyed all their songs, and according to Michael it was a different sort because Lisa, his wife and music partner was back home (pregnant and ready to give birth soon. Wishing you the best!).

Favorite songs: I Am Mountain, Let It Go



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Jars of Clay: Live at Walkway 2013, Manila, PH

After eight years, a day of walking around in the summer heat and a brief Twitter exchange, this happened.


I can believe it, but I still am in awe of how. On the day of the concert, Shabby and I were taking our sweet time to get to BHS. We played games at Landmark, went clothes shopping and even had merienda to fortify ourselves for what we expected to be a long night ahead. We had seen the band doing their soundcheck earlier, and that made me even more giddy with excitement. During our meal, we saw a few Church Simplified volunteers and Bonifacio High Street security running towards somewhere in the vicinity. Maybe it was the band? I went back to eating my pandesal. Continue reading