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Happy birthday to me

I celebrated my birthday yesterday. I wasn’t feeling well, thanks to sore throat and impending sniffles. I decided to rest a bit, and spent most of my time browsing or reading, answering birthday greetings and trying to work on my part time job, but failing miserably.

Late afternoon my aunt (and godmother) asked if I wanted to eat out, but we opted for dinner at my uncle’s place instead. It was much like last year’s birthday, a small gathering of family enjoying good food and conversation. One of my uncles gave me a journal/planner, which is really cute.

Even though I am, as my brother pointed out, in my late twenties, I don’t really feel like it. I’m one of those people who really think age is just a number, and it doesn’t equate how you feel. I can say that I feel the same as I was when I was twenty, though I’ve probably matured a bit since then.

Ah, but I am in no mood to be yapping about my age & such. It was a good day. I am thankful for my life, for the people in it and for another year.

P.S. I found out that I won a free license for a MarsEdit app, thanks to MacAppStorm. How cool is that?

Last few days to get the MacHeist app

MacHeist has released its much awaited bundle sometime March. The bundle contains top apps like Little Snapper, Acorn, SousChef, Kinemac and WireTap Studio for the bargain price of $39. Considering that Kinemac alone costs $299, the price MacHeist is offering all of these apps is well worth it.

Plus, for every purchase of the Bundle, a percentage goes to charity. For every certain amount reached for charity, another app is unlocked. The last app to be opened is the newly released Espresso.

So go get your Bundle. Not only will you be doing good, but you'll be getting a bargain for your Mac as well. Everyone is happy.