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You Are Loved

It’s common for concertgoers to hear artists shout “I love you (insert location name here)!”. It gets the crowd going and makes the concert all the more interesting. Yet somehow, you know that it’s an empty declaration, one that’s said nearly carelessly and automatically.

When Jason Mraz performed with Toca Rivera here in Manila last Sunday, his overall message to everyone was “You Are Loved”. He repeats it several times, and you can really feel his sincerity. The overall vibe of the concert was relaxed, like you’re attending a gig in a small bar with a dozen or so of your close friends. Or having a couple of friends jamming in your living room.

Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera

I don’t have the words to justify the night. From the moment he stepped on stage, you can feel the positive vibe coming from him. There were times during the whole concert where I wanted to cry just of sheer happiness. Jason and Toca were awesome. I love how they blended so well and it was hard to imagine one without the other. I love how they change the songs a bit and how they engage the crowd to participate. I was sort of hoping that there would be no one singing along to spoil the performance, but somehow, it was the opposite. Having Jason ask people to sing with him or do some silly things made the entire thing much more fun.

It’s hard to say what’s my favorite part of that night. I loved every performance, every time he’d say something about his advocacy’s (he was with MTV Exit the night before) and how he just exudes love all night long.

Thank you for the wonderful, emotional, beautiful night Jason Mraz and Toca Rivera. See you in 2012.

“Real men don’t buy girls.”
“I can hear you talking among yourselves… and in another language.”
Forgot the exact words of one of his comments, but it was something about are we just going to sit there and let our lives pass by or something…

Here’s a great recording of “You and I Both” and “The Remedy” (with a bit of Oasis thrown in).