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Avalon.ph Giveaway: Star Wars Moleskine Journal

The first time I heard about Star Wars was sometime in the mid-80s. One of my dad’s cousins was young enough to consider me as his playmate, and he had plenty of Star Wars memorabilia at home. I was too young to understand the movie (I couldn’t sit still for that long), but he regaled me with stories of brave and adventurous Jedi, of the wise Yoda and the funny antics of R2D2 and C3PO. I found this all amusing, and quite frankly, liked Star Wars for these bits and pieces, and not as a whole.

The wonderful thing about Star Wars is that it is timeless. My parents and their siblings watched it. My siblings and I watched it. My cousins watched it, and when the family gets together and the discussion eventually flows to Star Wars, it is as if there is no age gap among us. Some of us love it for the simple good vs. evil storyline. Others (like myself) like it for the details of a galaxy that is different yet similar to ours. Others find its story very political, while some just appreciate the technology used to create it back then. Admittedly, I’m a fan of the merchandise that popped up, particularly the Lego Star Wars and the special edition Star Wars Moleskine journals.

[singlepic id=354 w=320 h=240 float=center]

Get a chance to explore your Star Wars love by joining Avalon.ph’s latest giveaway. The Moleskine Star Wars Large Plain Notebook is a limited edition notebook dedicated to the greatest space epic ever told. It combines the classic Moleskine features with exclusive artwork from the original 1977 film.

The Moleskine Star Wars Large Plain Notebook is presented in a black hard cover with silk screen printed and debossed Star Wars graphics, quotes, logo and a paper band with a fleet of X-Wings. The inner pages are decorated with material from the Lucas film archive and include bespoke Star Wars paper inserts or stickers and full-colour end papers.

Features 240 pages of acid-free plain paper, pocket, ribbon and elastic closure.

For the full mechanics, please visit Avalon.ph.

And to wish you luck, I leave you with something from Rex Navarette: “May the Force be with you, and also with you. Lift up your sabers, we lift them up to the Force!”

Disclaimer: This is my entry to the contest. I am not an employee of Avalon.ph, nor am I getting anything out of this. I’m just hopeful that I win. 🙂 Photo courtesy of Avalon.ph

Moleskine on the Move: My Winning Entry

Some surprising and pleasant news came through my email yesterday afternoon. Bill Yeung of Working Unit Ltd./Moleskine Asia sent me an email informing me that I was one of the winners of the Moleskine on the Move contest. My entry was the top pick among all the entries submitted through the Moleskine Asia Facebook page.

I found out about the contest only a few days before the deadline. I had just gotten some new Moleskine from Avalon.ph and I was looking for information about the Peanuts editions when I stumbled across Moleskine Asia. I thought about passing it up, but I figured I’ve got a few days and nothing to lose. When I confirmed that the contest was open internationally, I decided to go for it.

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The craft knife came in handy.

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Note this

I have a fondness for stationery. Notebooks, pencils, pens, even ordinary pad paper. Often I find myself wandering to the bookstore and after I looked at books, I’ll go browse the stationery section. Chances are I’d end up buying a pen, or a notebook… or both.

I have more notebooks than I care to count. Some of them are so used, the covers and edges are frayed and falling apart. Some barely have anything in them, while others are still in their plastic cases, waiting for years before I even get the urge to rip them open, much less use them.

Various notebooks I've collected. This is not all of them 🙂

As a kid, I used to collect stationery. I’d hoard these pieces of paper with cute designs and keep them in a box. My godfather knew I liked them so much, he gave me a letter set which I only used to write to very special people. I traded the ugliest ones I liked the least. I’m such a pack rat, I still have most of them.

In college, I’d collect notebooks, albeit unintentionally. My friends (especially my housemates) noticed this and gave me the notebooks they don’t use. After I graduated, my mom used them because she couldn’t stand seeing them go to waste. I was irked at first then I realized she did have a point. Besides, that’s what notebooks are for right?

Yesterday, I couldn’t help myself and bought this Moleskine lookalike from National Bookstore. At P80 for two small notebooks, it was far cheaper than the Italian brand. Don’t get me wrong. I love Moleskine and own a few of them, but it does cost a lot.

My new companion: Mini notebook for random ideas

These notebooks will reside in my bag and will be the first thing I reach for when an interesting idea pops up. It’s great when I need to make a list, or have a plot that I want to explore in the future. Sure, you can say that I can input it in my cellphone, maybe even set an alarm to remind me of it. I actually do that, just so I won’t forget that I wrote something down that needs to be explored. However, one major advantage my notebooks have over using my cellphone? It never runs out of battery, and given how my phone’s battery drains really fast and I must conserve it as much as possible, my notebooks are very handy indeed.

I haven’t even begun talking about my pens…

What I am thankful for this year

Every time the new year rolls in, there are moments where I become pensive about the things that happened. There are times when I cringe and say “What the heck did I do?” but more often than not, I just laugh and shrug it off and think “It’s done, and I’m here, so I’m thankful.”

Sometimes, we are so overwhelmed by the things around us, that we keep saying “If only things were better,” or something to that effect. I do that too, but after a while, I realize that things are better. It’s just a matter of your attitude and perspective. It isn’t easy, but it can happen.

This year, I’ve got a lot to be thankful for. Here’s a little slideshow of those.

I long ago realized that when I say thank you for any thing, it falls back to people. Either they’ve helped me do things, or were there to stand by me for support. There’s my friend Ching who helped me finally get my application for the scholarship submitted, my sister who says encouraging little things, my dad and mom who continuously encourage me to do what I want to do, my friends who listen to me when I need someone to talk to.

This year, I’m also thankful that my family is safe and of good health. My grandfather, at 84, is often mistaken for someone 10 years younger. His memory may not be as sharp as before, but believe me, it’s far better than most people decades younger than him. Recently, his doctor said his health is really good, and I’m glad for that. My uncle and aunt survived Ondoy after 8 hours on their neighbor’s roof. I’ve seen friends get married and have babies, and it’s such a wonderful thing to see life go on.

One of the things I’m thankful for is the time I can think and let my ideas roam. Often these times are in between my daily routine, like when I’m on the train to and fro work. Sometimes, I jot down these ideas (this is where having a Moleskine comes in handy), and it’s pretty interesting to go back and look at them, then realize that, “Hey, I did this already!”

The end of the year isn’t a time for bemoaning about what could have been. Believe me, I’ve passed up a few opportunities, and though I feel a twinge of regret, the possibility of having another shot at it makes me smile and hopeful. So smile, be happy that you are alive and remember you are blessed.

This post is my entry to the contest “Win a Moleskine Colour a Month Daily Planner 2010” from Avalon.ph.

April no fools

Playing pranks on April 1 isn’t such a big deal for me, although I do know of some people who do it religiously year after year. It gets tough to top each effort, they say, and sometimes some people don’t get sucked in anymore.

Anyway, I love the first of April for a whole lot of other reasons. It’s my birth month… and also my sister, my cousin Lee, my uncle Athan, my aunt Tata, my late grandma Edith’s birthday as well (to name a few).

April also signals the other month for the year that has a long holiday, thanks to Holy Week (December to January is by far the longest). As a student I love April because it means the start of summer, the break from the tedious student life (bah, who am I kidding? I loved school, especially college). It also meant the trip home to Zambales (or to other places where there are relatives) for hanging out with my siblings, days at the beach, green mangoes and bagoong, and home cooked meals.

I add this to my reasons why April is a good month. Today, I received the pocket Moleskine reporter that I won from Avalon.ph’s 10th anniversary contest. I knew I had a slim chance of getting the autographed Neil Gaiman book, but I felt I had a fair shot at winning the notebook. Here is my entry, which I had fun writing. Thanks to Jasper, the brains behind Avalon.ph (a great site, I tell you).

Saturday is my talent determination test at UP Diliman. It’ll let me know if I am worthy to enter the hallowed halls of the College of Fine Arts. If I don’t pass this… well, I’m heading off to the hills of Baguio and see if I can get in there. Half serious on that.

I really have a feeling that things are looking up. 🙂 Thank you!