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BTT: Niche

Booking Through Thursday

What niche books do YOU read?

This question made me realize that I actually grew up reading niche books on various topics.

My mom is fond of buying books (when she can afford to) on various subjects that she’s interested in. When I was a kid, that was mostly about gardening, houses, interior design and cooking. Over the years she’s added books on travel, art (this is further broken down to painting and drawing), language and music, all of which I’ve read one time or another growing up.

Myself, I love reading books on web design, graphic design and manga (I have an academic interest in them). I’ve inherited my mom’s love for the languages and have contributed my own language learning books to the mix (she has French, I have Japanese & Spanish). Her art and design books have also become helpful for me in learning more about illustration.

And these are the sections I often go to when I pass by the bookstore.

What are your niche books? 🙂