Typhoon Ondoy weekend

I’m finally online. My ISP went down on Saturday afternoon, and I couldn’t get a signal on my mobile, so I spent most of the day reading or playing Ravenhearst. Around early evening my brother Dion told me to look outside. Brown, muddy water had completely covered the street where our building was and water […]

Hello Dumaguete

I still managed to go around Dumaguete and see the sights, as well as taste their food and learn about the place. I had read up on it before I went, and I was given some tips on where to go by my online friend Zerisse, who is from Dumaguete. Still, nothing quite beats the […]


I had often said that reunions should occur on happy moments, not on times when there is a loss. However, it is not often the case. My trip to Dumagete was just that. Though I was excited to visit my relatives and see the place, I wish that I had better reasons to be there. […]

Jumping into the fray of issues

You know, there’s something seriously wrong with this country if the media and the government officials take more time focusing on the Hayden-Katrina sex scandal than the The Great Book Blockade of the Philippines. It shows that their priorities are very, very skewed. They care more about an actress and a doctor who in bad […]