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Weekend Hodgepodge

It was another eventful weekend, a combination of the bad and the very good.

First off, the bad. I was on my way to MoA on Saturday for the yukata workshop hosted by magnetic_rose (as part of Cosplay Mania X). I took the MRT to Ayala, then got down to catch a bus to MoA. Somewhere between going down the station and getting on the bus, my wallet got stolen. I realized this as soon as I sat down and saw that the pocket of my bag was open. I didn’t think about it at first, since my phone, my perfume and the various things I placed there was still present. It wasn’t until I checked the inside of the bag did I realize, “Holy crap, my wallet’s gone!”

Strictly speaking, it isn’t a wallet with money. It’s more of a wallet with ALL of my IDs and ATM cards. What hurts most is that it includes my college ID, my mom’s SM Advantage and some calling cards, receipts and notes. I think I had a thousand bucks there but it was the least of my concern. My IDs! My UP ID!!!

My next thought was, “Aww, my Sony Ericsson P800 and I were meant to be.” There it was, this dinosaur phone, sitting happily in the front pocket. I love you hehe.

What’s irritating is I never put that wallet in the pocket, especially when I use this particular bag. I even hold the bag to the side, rather than wear it like a normal backpack. I’m not stupid, but unfortunately, that small instance of carelessness was the dealbreaker. I’m just grateful that the thief only got away with a small amount. I had two cameras, two cellphones and a yukata set that definitely costs more than one thousand pesos. Even the P800 can still be sold for P3k (I asked around in tiangges hehe). It’s just a hassle to get all the cards replaced, one of which can’t at all.

I immediately asked my sister to transfer my money to the Save Up account, which can’t be accessed except online. The other ATM and bank accounts were pretty much empty, so I didn’t really worry about them.

So there I was, at MoA with less than P300 in my pocket. I still had to pay for the yukata workshop, so I was deciding if I should push through. In the end, I went ahead and signed up. No regrets there.

This is the start of the great part of my day.

Yukata Workshop
Rochelle (magnetic_rose)’s yukata workshop was definitely worth it. I know I could’ve gone through tutorials online (which I did before) to figure out how wearing a yukata works, but I usually prefer it if someone actually stands in front of me to teach me. It allows me to ask questions and get the answers I want.

The ladies of the yukata workshop. It’s blurred, sorry.

It was a small group of girls, with hands-on instructions. I enjoyed the little bits of trivia Rochelle told about yukatas. The fun part was when we tried tying the obi. That long (roughly about ten feet) belt is intimidating, but it’s actually quite fun to put on (or it’s just me?). Many thanks to Rochelle for this workshop! I can finally wear the yukata my best friend Carmenez got for me when she went to Osaka.

I took a few pictures of the cosplayers hanging out around SMX. There were a lot of people, the management opened up one of the halls to accommodate the long lines for tickets. There were a lot of pretty interesting cosplayers, but I guess most of the better ones were inside.

Amazing Race to Makati
Left MoA immediately after the workshop and headed for Ayala (the scene of the crime!) to meet Drew. He gave me his hard drive, and went with me to meet Fristine and Lornadahl. But first, DQ treat! Green tea Moolatte, which was surprisingly good (thanks ulit!). Then for a bit of walk around Ayala in the drizzing rain to the Filipinas Heritage Library.

I loved walking along Ayala on weekends. When I still worked around there, it was one of the things I liked doing after my shift. It’s quiet, somewhat like a ghost town, which is a very sharp contrast to weekdays, when it’s so crowded and full of life. FML is located in a pretty nice place too. I wouldn’t mind hanging out in the Tower Room if it was allowed.

I didn’t have much time to look around but I did get an idea while we were walking back to Greenbelt/Glorietta. By that time, I was already hyper from the sugar. Fristine and Lorna went to watch a Spanish film, Drew went to eat and I went home. Oh, I also ran into my blockmate Thet! Now how’s that for a great day? I have pics of these folks but they’re so bad, I’d rather not show them hehe.

Sunday afternoon, I went to the “Plurk grand fans day of Ria Jose” (aka Diyosa Blogger). It was great to meet people who I only know through their online usernames. Of course, the usual suspects were there so it was more fun. Present: rastapopolous (who left early), gilbz, riajose, chocolatehappiness, suburbandude, hyukta, saber_kite (me), eloisa, sachur8, p0yt, dongho, marocharim and raincontreras. Too lazy to link 🙂

Photos c/o Rain Contreras

Sa uulitin! (Except sana, next time, wag na ako manakawan hehe)

Plurkers invade Bohol

September seems to be my vacation/travel month. Two years ago I visited Sagada. Last year, I went to Baguio (which shouldn’t really count). This year, I surpassed my quota (if I actually had any) by going to three different places: Bicol, Tagaytay and Bohol.

It’s my first time to see Bohol outside TV and pictures and it’s a strong candidate for a place I want to retire to. Seriously. While some people prefer city life, I can happily survive in small, provincial towns. Given that I hardly go out most of the time, I hate pollution and traffic, it’s an ideal place. Not to mention that there’s Internet there too.

I was with fellow Plurkers Joiz, Jan, Shabby and Marco. We booked for three days and two nights at Linaw Beach Resort in Panglao island. Of all the places we asked, this was the one that replied rather promptly with all the details we needed. The pictures showed a rather nice place so everyone gave it their approval. When we got to the resort, oh my. It was worth every centavo. Downside: no complimentary breakfast. Everything else was good.

We were practically the only people there, although we did see some people from other resorts dropping by the restaurant for dinner and some visitors coming in the next few days. It was nice to have it all to ourselves. On the first day, we didn’t do much except to go around and take pictures. The atmosphere was so relaxing, I would feel drowsy every time I sit down (which was what happened some time after lunch). Sat down to read “Hunger Games”, then the next thing I knew, it was mid afternoon and everyone was gone.

On our second day, we went on the countryside tour around Bohol. That means no island hopping, nothing too tiring or adventurous — unless you count crossing that hanging bridge that had me screaming bloody murder when everyone started jumping and swaying. I did not relish the idea of falling twenty or so feet into the brown waters of Loboc River. Yes, I was scared. Very much so. :p

So, tour. It started off rather promisingly, especially with the Belgian guys. Headed off to the Chocolate Hills (too many tourists posing for wacky shots), then to the butterfly sanctuary (did you know that there are butterflies that are both male and female?). Took a look at some tarsiers (I kinda felt sorry for the little creatures), crossed that blasted bridge (twice), caused traffic along the man-made forest and went on the Loboc River tour.

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Another lazy Saturday

Wow. I’m on a roll. Yet another post for the week. It feels good to be able to get back into the groove of writing and blogging. Five years ago I used to write blog posts at least twice a day. Now, barely one a week, so this is certainly a good thing.

Met up with Drew at Megamall to meet up with some friends from Plurk who were going to Metro Comic Con. To kill time, we went around Cyberzone to check out things for a future desktop. I drooled over Android phones and DSLRs. Later, we met up with Gilbz, Shabby, Joiz and Ryan at Teriyaki Boy.

After eating, we went around some toy stores, then headed back to the 5th floor to try and get some pictures of the cosplayers. In the end, we got the surprise of our lives when the “crush ng Plurk bayan” got her photo taken by a fan. Oha. Walang costume yan!

Sorry about the bad photos. I wasn’t really in the mood to take them

Ryan & Gilbz had to go, so the remaining four of us went to Forever 21 to look at some things. We dragged Drew, who babysat Jack while we girls went around. I finished my task rather quickly, so I sat with him and took random photos. Made a little girl a wee envious as I hugged Jack.

Afterwards, the three south side folks went home, and I went to meet Den at KFC. Dinner was California Maki Twister, then some rounds of bookhunting. Came up empty handed.

Didn’t really take much photos.