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Inside Pottermore

Yesterday, my “owl from Hogwarts” arrived, informing me that I can now log in and experience Pottermore. I immediately dived in to exploring the site.

When the news of Pottermore first came out, it was said to release ebook and audiobook versions of the Harry Potter series. Furthermore, it will include additional content and information about the series and allow its members to participate in an interactive reading experiences. However, you don’t just “read” but you explore the Potterverse.

As its on its beta version, there’s not much to do now as you glide along the Philosphere’s Stone. Most of the excitement happens as Harry enters Diagon Alley for the first time, and up until he gets sorted.

New information from J.K. Rowling
What’s interesting in Pottermore is that Rowling released information about the people, places and things of the Potterverse. In the “Philosopher’s Stone”, she included detailed information about Professor Minerva McGonagall. Now, I love McG, and I think she’s the most bad-ass of all the professors (aside from Snape, who is bad-ass in a different way). Reading her story makes me love her more, and reinforces the fact that Dame Maggie Smith was the best choice to portray her.

Rowling also included info on Quirrell, and some background information on the real Nicholas Famel and the story of the “real” Philosopher’s stone. The latter two should be familiar to many as it’s a topic that was discussed in science classes.

Warning: Spoilers ahead.
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