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Today was pretty busy. It wasn’t a bad day, but it was just… busy. 🙂 And since I no longer update my Project 365, this is sort of a make-up post.

It’s my grandfather’s birthday. Yesterday Mama said he wasn’t feeling well, so I made it a point to call him as soon as I woke up. He sounded really happy, especially when I said that my brother Miks and I were going home this weekend. Later, I found out that my uncle & his family will be there tomorrow so that should make Lolo doubly happy.

I went to the bookstore today to get a present for him (hurrah for subsidy!). I found this U.S. Presidents Factbook by Elizabeth Jewell, which I know he’ll like, being the history buff that he is. I gave him a book last week, and Papa said he was devouring it. Awesome. I love you, Lolo. 🙂

I also got to spend some time with my friend & former co-worker Winston, who was going to watch Transformers 2.

Photo spam

This is where I get yappy.

My Project 365

I decided to the Project 365 thing, but not in Flickr. I can’t accommodate 365 pictures there (unless I delete everything else), and I didn’t want to create a new blog or mix it with this one, so I decided to utilize my Posterous.

For those who don’t know what Project 365 is about, you can either check the Flickr link above, or read about it here.

You can check out My Project 365 here, or by clicking on the RSS feed link on the sidebar. I was supposed to start on April 14, but my DSL was down so I couldn’t post *sulk* Ah well. :p