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Life’s playlist

I never really thought about making a playlist of my life, but sometimes, you hear certain songs and you go “I want that to be played in my (insert monumental life event here).”

Sometimes it scares me, because there are times when I don’t want to think about some of those events. For example, while I don’t want to think about my death, I knew I wanted Arcade Fire’s “Wake Up” to played during my funeral. You might think it’s pretty weird to play that song, given its title, but somehow, I find its beat appropriate. Especially since there’s a part near the end where I feel like getting up and dancing. Incidentally, the song is from their album entitled “Funeral” so I guess it still fits.

Then there are the love songs. I don’t particularly think of myself as a fan of love songs, even though I do like a good romantic movie or story. More like, I don’t subscribe to the blatantly obvious and much overly used love songs, like “It Might Be You” or whatever comes from the discography of bands from the 70s and 80s. I like the songs that aren’t obviously about love, but when you listen closely, you go “Hey, it is about love!”

Take this song, Fiction Plane’s “Denied“. Again, you wouldn’t think of it as a particularly romantic song given its title, but it’s one song I wouldn’t mind being played at my wedding (whenever that is).

I can actually add a lot more to this not-really-love-songs list, but I’ll leave it as is.

One of my writer friends has a playlist for each book she writes. I don’t know how effective that is, because I haven’t really tried, but sometimes you do hear a song that you know fits a particular moment. Whether it’s the lyrics or it’s the tune, you know that song fits just right there.

Maybe the next song I’ll be able to place in my life playlist would be for when I win the lotto? :p

Thursday thoughts

Slow day at work today, at least for me. I don’t think I spoke more than a hundred words from the moment I logged in. My co-worker was busy, and it was rather hard to talk to each other when we’re facing the opposite directions.

I spent a good time reading all sorts of things today. I caught up on the news, read some design and travel blogs.

I wouldn’t say I was bored, though. My mind was active the whole time, thinking, analyzing and processing — and I didn’t feel sleepy. At one point however, I was so tired of being holed up that on my afternoon break, I went out and took a walk.

I don’t know how long I took, but it was good for waking my mind up. See, as active as it was, it was still sort of asleep. It was a good walk though, and I managed to take some pictures on the sly.

My editing skills suck. This building reminds me of the hotels you can see in U.S. cities.

Bakugan inside the mall. Kids still play this?

Someone left their notebook. I don’t know what’s inside, and yes, that is my takoyaki. 🙂

Points of interests today:
– I was down to my last P100 today. I had to budget everything: fare, my meals and snacks. I’m happy to say that I had breakfast, lunch, dinner and merienda, and I didn’t really go hungry. Still, most of what I ate didn’t include rice, which isn’t really odd, and it’s not as weird as those 3 days in 2006 when my brother and I had an unwilling fast.

– Heading home, I passed by the lavatory at the mall. I heard some children’s voices and presumed they were some woman’s kids. A stall door opened and I expected a mom and the kids but all I saw were the kids, a boy of about six and a girl of about four. The boy was telling his sister to “hurry up and don’t forget your Timezone card” while the girl was fussing with worry because she wasn’t really sure what to do. Cute kids, and sorry, didn’t get a pic.

See? I told you there’s bound to be something interesting in every day. 🙂

Oh yes, what do you think of yoga? There’s a Bikram Yoga place in Eastwood, and I’m interested.

Randomness, again

From this day on, I resolve to find something interesting every day. Even if the day is bad, even if it was boring, so long as there’s one interesting thing, I’m going to have to document it. Kind of like a Project 365, only it’s not going to be just pictures.

Today, I spent the whole day in an orientation. I arrived at exactly 8:30 and it already started. So I didn’t have time to dump my stuff at our little corner of the world.

Some parts of the orientation were lively, some boring, but all informative. It was interesting to note that I was practically the only non-engineer in the room. Even the kid next to me is an engineer at age 21. It just makes me wonder how come he looks so young compared to my brother who is the same age?

Work’s good. Still in the stage of nothing much to do, which I was advised to enjoy. Eastwood is an interesting place. There’s still plenty of places I haven’t explored, especially the part around the Eastwood Mall. Maybe in the weekend.

Ok, my mind’s blank now. That’s what happens when I multi-task. I lose focus of what I was supposed to do in the first place.

Besides, a few of my thoughts and ideas are not meant for public consumption (heads over to the blogs that have a privacy function per entry).

Tomorrow is my last day of the first week at work. I’m going to get my ATM card, but I won’t have any money just yet because I didn’t make the cut-off. I will be financially dependent on others for the meantime, hah.

Oh, I already have an idea for my 365 tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting a picture of it. 🙂

Christmas cheer

Merry Christmas everyone. No graphics or anything this year. I got lazy.

It’s been heck of a year for me. Every year, I take time to wonder if it was a good year or a bad year, and in the end, I really can’t say it was either one. Sure, a lot of bad things happened, but there were plenty of good ones too, and even if they don’t balance, in the end, it’s just all about how you got through it, and how you’re still standing.

And as every year, most of the things I end up being really happy about are not the material things. Sure, maybe I got a new gadget or toy, but half of the time, I say “thanks” for the people around me.

I’m thankful for my family whom I’ve gotten to know a bit better this year. I’m thankful for their support, the humor, the laughter and even the drama. It’s made us stronger, and more appreciative of each other. Regardless of the challenges, you know they will be there.

Then there’s the family I chose: my friends. Oh God, I am so thankful you gave me these people. They know who they are. They’re the ones who endured hours of YM/Plurk chat about… well, they know what it is. All of them listened, offered their thoughts, their suggestions, their support. They made me laugh when I felt so down and hopeless. They’re the ones who were just there, even in the distance, they kept me sane. So if I could just give them all a big (if virtual) hug right now, I definitely would. These guys and gals truly rocked my world, and for that I’m thankful.

I’m thankful for the gift of good health, not just for myself, but for my parents, my siblings, my grandpa, cousins, aunts and uncles, friends… A few of them have been mentioning some aches and pains, or a few problems with their heart, cholesterol, high blood, hypertension… but they’re still going strong. I hope you continue to give them this blessing, because I’m selfish… because I want to see more of them next year.

I’m thankful as well for the people at work. Mid-2009 was one heck of a whirlwind, one which I still can’t fathom until now. But we survived, and I think we’re better for it. I met these really amazing people, and though I’ve only got to spend three months with them, I really, really like them all. I hope that even as I’m leaving, I can maintain the camaraderie with them. My boss, she’s really something else. In the three months I’ve known her, I’ve come to respect her and love her. She isn’t just a professional, but she’s also kind, sweet and very down to earth. I suppose it may have something to do with the fact she’s also a very public figure, but she’s also true to herself and to others. I had the pleasure of working with her, and I hope that soon I would be able to again.

As for the reason why I’m leaving, well… I see that as a great opportunity. Sometimes I ask myself if I did the right thing, but I don’t think there’s any turning back. Besides, I think it would be a good change. A new challenge, which I hope will help me be stronger.

Though I far consider this from last, it will be just for the sake of this post. I pray that this time next year, I will be writing a post in Japan. Ching and I applied for a scholarship, and we’re hoping for some good news in February. So, please pray for us. It’s for a 7-month language course in Osaka, Japan, afterwards, we’ll go to grad school *crosses fingers* When we’re there, expect postcards from Japan.

So I say thank you for the blessings, and learn from the not-so blessings/failures/disappointments. Enjoy the rest of 2009, my friends, and I’ll see you in 2010.

Laugh lines

I was watching a performance of the UP Madrigal Singers over at Facebook and having a good laugh over it, when I realized something.

Most of the conversations I have that had me laughing so hard that I can’t talk or my stomach hurts, are with people whom I really care about. I know you can relate on that. Sure, I have conversations and have fun with people whom I barely know or just have a passing acquaintance (which is possible even with people you’ve known for years), but it never fails: all time when I’m with these people whom I feel closest too, I laugh.

When I laugh really hard, my eyes turn into slits and I can barely see. My mouth splits into a wide grin and often, my gums can be seen. When I laugh really hard, sometimes no sound comes out. I can’t talk and my stomach hurts. Sounds awful? Nothing can be much further from the truth.

Who are these people? Topmost on the list are my family. My parents, my siblings, even my cousins, aunts & uncles. If there’s anything that never fails to occur, no matter what the occasion, it’s us laughing about anything and everything. And when I say laugh, it’s in a really good way.

The friends category is a bit mixed. There’s my best friend and her family, then there’s my college best friends. There’s the J2 and Helfdesk folks, and there’s my online friends, to name a few (sidenote: How can you have a bellyaching laugh with online friends? Trust me, it’s possible). There is never a dull moment with any of them.

Feeling down? Think of the people who can give you a good laugh. The kind of laugh that you can’t get from comedy shows, jokes or things you get online, but rather, the kind of laugh that stems from a deep camaraderie of your relationship with one another.

Idiot box disconnect

A lot of people are surprised when I say I don’t watch TV anymore. When someone makes a comment on a soap opera or the latest Pinoy-adaptation of a reality show, I go, “What? Who’s that? Ano yun?” I can’t even relate when someone talks about that girl who keeps saying “Congratulations” on Wowowee.

Let me clarify some things though. I am not 100% not watching TV. I tune in on occasion to the crime shows on CS9, and if I manage to catch something interesting on QTV, I’d watch it. I love series like Chuck, Fringe, Bones, The Mentalist, Eureka and Psych, as well as watching Mythbusters or shows in Travel and Living, among others. Otherwise, I’m pretty much a non-TV person, with the exception of the occasional news when I’m at work or catching up on my old favorites when I’m visiting people with cable.

If asked, I could probably say that I haven’t been watching much TV since our cable service got disconnected about four or five months now. Then again, I could even pinpoint this back to 2006, when my aunt, uncle and I moved to separate houses and I didn’t have a proper television til a year later.

Like any kid my age, even kids nowadays, I grew up enthralled by the television. I faithfully watched Saturday morning cartoons and cartoons after school. I thank Sesame Street for the part they played in helping me with the English language. I love TV. That didn’t change as I grew older, adding more cartoons to the mix and discovering more interesting shows along the way.

But somewhere in that journey, despite the wide array of shows to watch, I lost some interest in TV. First off, given my oddly erratic schedule in school then at work, I didn’t have the luxury to watch the shows that I wanted when they were airing. Second, TV signal (especially when I was still studying) was so bad, I would rather be reading (well, that’s always my first choice). Third, having several people want to watch different shows at the same time is hard, especially when you all have but one TV between you all. Plus the proliferation of telenovela remakes and copies turned me off all the more. No matter what some say that this actor/actress is good and this series has some redeeming factors, sorry.

I guess that’s why I can easily go to place where there’s no television and still be ok. Now for the Internet… ah, that’s another matter.