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Laugh lines

I was watching a performance of the UP Madrigal Singers over at Facebook and having a good laugh over it, when I realized something.

Most of the conversations I have that had me laughing so hard that I can’t talk or my stomach hurts, are with people whom I really care about. I know you can relate on that. Sure, I have conversations and have fun with people whom I barely know or just have a passing acquaintance (which is possible even with people you’ve known for years), but it never fails: all time when I’m with these people whom I feel closest too, I laugh.

When I laugh really hard, my eyes turn into slits and I can barely see. My mouth splits into a wide grin and often, my gums can be seen. When I laugh really hard, sometimes no sound comes out. I can’t talk and my stomach hurts. Sounds awful? Nothing can be much further from the truth.

Who are these people? Topmost on the list are my family. My parents, my siblings, even my cousins, aunts & uncles. If there’s anything that never fails to occur, no matter what the occasion, it’s us laughing about anything and everything. And when I say laugh, it’s in a really good way.

The friends category is a bit mixed. There’s my best friend and her family, then there’s my college best friends. There’s the J2 and Helfdesk folks, and there’s my online friends, to name a few (sidenote: How can you have a bellyaching laugh with online friends? Trust me, it’s possible). There is never a dull moment with any of them.

Feeling down? Think of the people who can give you a good laugh. The kind of laugh that you can’t get from comedy shows, jokes or things you get online, but rather, the kind of laugh that stems from a deep camaraderie of your relationship with one another.

Baguio weekend

Last weekend, Den and I went to Baguio. She told me that she had been hankering for a visit to our college town and asked if I wanted to come along (then again, whether or not I could go wouldn’t stop her hehe).

I had several reasons why I couldn’t go: work, lack of budget, plus I promised to go to my best friend’s thanksgiving dinner that weekend (she just passed the bar, yahoo!). But then, it was Baguio… and I wanted to see my sister who my parents said wasn’t feeling well when they visited her the previous week.

It took some juggling, but I managed to get a Friday leave and cough up some funds. I planned to go back on Saturday around lunch, leaving Den in Baguio. The last minute, my brother Miks and Den’s sister Mic joined us, so not only was it a friend bonding trip, but a sibling bonding one.

We decided to take the earliest trip from Manila to Baguio, but instead of the midnight trip, we got the 2 AM one. Not bad, but somehow, there was another mix-up in the tickets (which happened the last time Den & I went to Baguio too. I wonder if there’s a jinx of sorts?). The trip was rather long too, closer to seven hours instead of six like it was originally.

We arrived in Baguio amidst the sounds of Air Supply videoke and the Pork Chop Duo. Upon arrival, we went to meet my sister Otki, drop off our stuff and go to UP.

Ah, UP. No words could describe you. You’ve changed but I still love you. We had breakfast at the Upper Canteen and went around the campus, with me as the tour guide. We had the requisite pictures with Oble and waited for Otki.

Just because there’s a UP in Diliman or Manila doesn’t make this UP less of… UP. ^_~

We spent the rest of the morning at SM while waiting for 2 PM so we could check in. Den & Mic slept the afternoon away, while my siblings and I went back to SM to shop and meet my friend Yvie. Afterwards, Otki went with her friends, while I lounged at the hotel using their free wi-fi.

Dinner was at our staple restaurant, Steaks and Toppings, and afterwards, a nice walk along Session Road.

The next day, Miks went home early, while Den & I met up with our classmates Kat and Jang for breakfast at Pizza Volante along Session (this branch is what the locals like better than the one at SM hehe). It was a wonderful hour of chatting and good food.

Afterwards, Den went to meet her friend in SM (again, hehe) and I went to meet Otki. My friends from our office’s IT were in Baguio to work on something, so I thought I’d visit them. I wouldn’t want to pass up the opportunity to see this place up close.

I caught the 1:10 PM bus to Manila, while Otki went back to school. My trip was more than eight hours, and I barely made it to my best friend’s party — but I did! The only thing I wasn’t able to do that weekend was watch the Davids in concert, but I didn’t mind… much :p

Busy weekend, but such fun. I am thankful.

My Project 365

I decided to the Project 365 thing, but not in Flickr. I can’t accommodate 365 pictures there (unless I delete everything else), and I didn’t want to create a new blog or mix it with this one, so I decided to utilize my Posterous.

For those who don’t know what Project 365 is about, you can either check the Flickr link above, or read about it here.

You can check out My Project 365 here, or by clicking on the RSS feed link on the sidebar. I was supposed to start on April 14, but my DSL was down so I couldn’t post *sulk* Ah well. :p


Yesterday, I tried to go the whole day without uttering a complaint. It wasn’t so bad while I was at work. I don’t really talk much the whole day, glued to my computer as I am, so it was easy to curb whatever bad thing I wanted to say. On messenger, it was also easy because the people I was chatting were all in a good mood. Plus, I noticed that if I don’t complain, they don’t either and vice versa.

However, once I’m outside it gets a lot more difficult not to complain. I don’t really rant much even if I encounter something irritating, but yesterday, somehow I couldn’t help but just say it out. Then again, I wasn’t the only one who was complaining that time…

It is possible to get through the day without complaining, but it takes some work the first time. Besides, I don’t think we can all not complain, as there are things in this world that would naturally irritate us and our instinct is to protest. Still, it would be nice if we could say it nicely.

Then again, sometimes, nothing beats a good rant.

I finally got to indulge in my doughnut cravings last night. I have been wanting to sink my teeth into Krispy Kreme’s original glazed ever since Rain put a Plurk about him eating some. I bought six doughnuts, two of the orginal, maple glazed and blueberry cheesecake so I could share it with my brothers. I figured that when I get home, I could brew a pot of coffee and we could sit and take time to savor it.

Boy, was I wrong. Four out of the six doughnuts were gone in less than twenty minutes. And I didn’t have time to make coffee.

Still, it was fun. I’m still somewhat craving for another doughnut, but I think I’m ready to move on to the next food. Obviously, I love to eat, giving nary a care about weight and all that. There are times when I’m worse than a pregnant lady wanting to eat something elusive or unusual. But that’s just my hunger glands (whatever that is) talking.

Oh, I’m still looking for cannoli.

blogging without obligations
I got this link thanks to Karen over at Plurk. Check out “Blogging Without Obligation. Good read, good idea. It summarizes what I feel about blogging now, and how it’s changed since I started out in 2003. I wrote about it before, and I’ve put the badge up on my sidebar in support of this too.

Happy Saturday!