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UP Naming Mahal talaga

UP Diliman Oblation

UP exam results bring joy, anguish to applicants

Ah, it’s that time of the year again.

I remember when I was applying for UP. I had used up several copies of the application form because I wanted mine to be clean. I also spent a lot of time talking with my mother about what course to pick. She told me to choose accounting, especially since then, I had planned to take up law afterwards. My choices ended up as thus: UP Diliman as the first campus of choice, with Accounting and Journalism as the courses, then UP Baguio with Com Sci and Journalism as my courses.

When the results were released, it was my best friend’s older sister, then a freshman in UPD, who looked for our names. Sadly, she told us that we weren’t on the list. I felt grim at the prospect of going to school in Miriam (no offense meant. It’s just that my mindset has been on UP for so long), as that and DLSU were the two other schools whose entrance exams I passed (I didn’t make it in Ateneo), and goodness knows we couldn’t afford DLSU.

One day, near the end of senior year, I arrived home from school and my tita said, “May sulat ka galing UP.” (You have a letter from UP). Nervous, I took my time opening it. It was a thin, legal sized, dirty white envelope. I was expecting a rejection letter, because what else could it contain? My acceptance letters from Miriam and DLSU were really thick ones, containing information as to what I should do upon enrolment, so I wasn’t really excited to open this one.

Inside the envelope were several folded sheets of paper, mostly mimeographed ones. The single sheet of white paper had those perforated edges with holes in them, and that was the one I opened first.

I still laugh every time I remember those words, as it is probably the most unusual words one could ever read in an college acceptance letter. “Congratulations” would be the most typical. I, however, got this:

“Due to the planned expansion of UP College Baguio, you have been admitted…”

Long story short, I went to UP Baguio. I picked Journalism because… it was bound to have little or no math subjects. Ironically, the jobs I entered in after graduating were in the tech industry.

Regardless of the campus, studying in UP is an experience I will never ever trade for anything. And despite the differences of each campus, you know you’re still in UP when you visit one. I know that’s how I felt when I went to the Diliman, Manila, Los BaƱos and Visayas campuses.

Congratulations to the new batch of Isko and Iska. Study hard, but have fun as well.

P.S. Urban legend has it that when you have your photograph taken with the Oblation while you are still studying, you will not graduate. Not sure if this means “not graduating on time” or “not graduating at all.” Hehe.

UP… and down :p

I have a confession to make. I watched “UP” twice, and both times, I cried.

Not that it was a sad movie (I am warning you now if you hate spoilers… STOP READING!). It was actually very enjoyable and great for a lot of laughs. However, there was a part — and a pretty significant one at that — where you couldn’t help but tear up as the story goes along.

“UP” isn’t just about the adventures of Carl Fredrickson and Russell. It is also the story of a boy who met a girl, loved her, lived a wonderful life with her, and even though maybe it wasn’t exactly what they had dreamed of, they were very happy. It is a story of how the boy lost the girl many years later, and how he decided it was time to fulfill her dream, as he had nothing left to lose.

“UP” is a love story. It’s funny and it’s light, but it will touch a chord in you that will make you reach for the tissues as it goes along. It will also make your realize that even though our bodies may be limited, it’s still possible to have an adventure. And in the words of Russell, “It’s the boring things that I remember the most.”

Be sure to watch “UP” ok? Cross your heart.

P.S. So that’s where babies really come from LOL

P.P.S. I’d like to share this entry by my gradeschool/high school classmate Karl: “12 Things I learned from Pixar’s UP“. Half humor, all truths. Here as well is the colour script of UP from Lou Romano. Enjoy!