Who watches you?

After yesterday’s stay at home and veg day, my brothers and I decided to head out and watch “Watchmen”. Yeah, we’re a week late but we figured there’s less people in the theaters so it’ll be more comfy. Good thing the walkway from our side to SM Marikina’s pretty much done. No more dodging cars […]

Party like there’s no tomorrow

Nearly two years ago, when my uncle passed away, I wrote something about funerals and reunions. It was born from an observation of mine, having attended several wakes of various family members in the last four years. Wakes are, in a twisted sort of way, the best kinds of reunions. First of all, all the […]

A letter of thanks

A few months ago, my classmate Kat (yep, same nick as mine) and I were talking about the nearly lost art of traditional letter writing. Nowadays, just about the only thing you get via snail mail are bills, notices and things that don’t really make you happy. In the last three years, I probably have […]

Repost: How to lose weight

Here’s something I wrote last year (or was it two years ago?). A humorous (?) piece on how to lose weight. Take it with a grain of salt and enjoy! How to Lose Weight (and maybe save some money in the progress) 1. Get a second job. Part time, full time, it’s up to you. […]


Yesterday, I tried to go the whole day without uttering a complaint. It wasn’t so bad while I was at work. I don’t really talk much the whole day, glued to my computer as I am, so it was easy to curb whatever bad thing I wanted to say. On messenger, it was also easy […]


Today, I resolve not to complain. Or at least, not as much as I normally do. It's kind of a normal thing to go about my day with something to whine about: work, the people, the slow internet connection, lack of finances, lack of time… without fail (as proved when checking out my chat logs […]

So I’m on Facebook and…

Oh joy. I finally got to access this. *sigh* New blog, but same old ISP woes. Remind me to call them tomorrow. Or maybe Saturday. The other day, I was chatting on YM with my friend Armi. She mentioned that she’s been hanging out lately with people from our high school and it brought up […]