Thursday Downpour

The rain came upon us suddenly today. Even though it was already drizzling the night before, I don’t think anyone expected it to be like this, despite news reports. With the events of Ondoy still strong in our minds, people couldn’t help but worry at the possible not-so-good scenarios that could arise. [singlepic id=347 w=320 […]

Rainy Saturday

Woke up to really strong rains. I was supposed to be at Fully Booked this afternoon for an event, but when I woke up, my first thought was “No way am I going out today.” I didn’t even look outside, as I was having breakfast with my dad. I only took a peek outside around […]

Family Food Trip at SBMA

To celebrate Toben’s birthday, TaRuth decided on having lunch at SBMA. Sunday morning, with the sun shining and weather hot, we left Manila. We were going to meet my parents and my cousin Karla there. Mama was saying that the weather was really bad in Zambales, and it hasn’t stopped raining since the Monday. I […]