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Weird and kind of funny dream

I had a weird dream last night. In it, some people were in our house and taking over. They weren’t bad people. I mean, anyone who looked like Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer couldn’t be, right?

My house was initially this castle-like structure that had a lot of passageways, nooks and crannies. When we heard the “invaders” (for lack of a better term) coming, I immediately told my family to leave, and they did. I squeezed myself into a small space underneath a stairwell. I was wearing a really fancy dress with a huge balloon skirt. How I fit in there, I don’t know, but I ended up being thought of as a big, furry dog. One that looked like a cross between Barkley of Sesame Street and the Luck Dragon.

The house evolved into a small apartment. One night, when the invaders were out for a book signing (it was Neil and Amanda after all), everyone who was hiding came out. We cooked, had dinner, watched TV, but did our best to make sure that we didn’t leave anything that would tell the invaders that any thing happened during their absence.

However, they arrived earlier than expected. People were still milling about at the small balcony, drinking beer and eating the remains of the sizzling sisig. I stuffed the dog costume (the dress) down the back of the couch, threw the dirty dishes on to the sink and tried to clean up the mess as best as I could. Y’know, sort of like when you had a party and had to clear all evidence before your parents come home?

In the end, the invaders (now a pet name for them) didn’t mind. They joined the other guys and became chums before the night ended. The only thing that worried Amanda was the dog was missing. I never told them the truth.

Possible causes: Watching Queer Eye earlier (because the dream apartment was really nice and well designed), excitement for Neil Gaiman being here in Manila, exhaustion for the the design project and probably too much sugar in my system.

Party like there’s no tomorrow

Nearly two years ago, when my uncle passed away, I wrote something about funerals and reunions. It was born from an observation of mine, having attended several wakes of various family members in the last four years.

Wakes are, in a twisted sort of way, the best kinds of reunions. First of all, all the people you expect to come — and even those you don’t — will come. Second, there’s always people to talk to, and conversation never runs out. Third, people won’t expect to be fed and are content with coffee and bread. Some even bring food. Fourth, you don’t have to worry about the decor, and some people give you money (does that make me sound crass?). Lastly (and in relation to number one), you’ll see almost all the relatives you haven’t seen in a long time and you’ll all be able to catch up.

The downside? There’s always one person missing from the, er, festivities. And it’s the one person whom people in the gathering have come to pay their respects to.

I’m sorry if it offends you, but it is true. I don’t get to see many of my relatives, but I see them in such occasions, which strikes me as odd because why does it have to be only when someone dies do we get to see each other?

On a somewhat lighter (but not neccessarily better) note, that observation also sparked an idea of having funeral themed parties, courtesy of another uncle of mine. When I voiced my apprehensions, he just said, “Think of it as Halloween but not just on October.”

Right. Oh well, I’ve seen a wedding that had black themes and was held in a cemetery. I guess I should be just glad there’s no actual corpse.