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Dear Universe

I started blogging in late 2003, and since then, there’s this meme that I do every year. It started in Livejournal, and I first saw it through Roch of magnetic-rose.net. It’s where you write down ten things you want for Christmas, and your LJ friends will try to fulfill them for you. It doesn’t have to be a wishlist full of expensive, material things. It can also have silly things like “I want someone to go with me to an STP concert” or something.

This year, I made my list (I decided to keep it in LJ for sentimental reasons) and some friends did theirs too. However, thanks to a post on Plurk from Yvie, I thought I’d make another wishlist, this time full of things that I want to happen rather than material things that I want to have.

It’s a more tough list to make because these are things that aren’t really that easy to think of, if you get my drift. These are things that you know will affect you, your life and possibly the people around you too.

So what grand things do you wish the Universe will grant you?

If I won the P150M lotto jackpot…

1. I won’t tell anyone except my immediate family.
2. I’d hand in my resignation, but give them a 30 day courtesy thing so I could turn over my duties
3. Buy tickets to Singapore for November
4. Contact my uncle for some financial advice
5. Give my siblings P5M each: P4M to save & P1M to spend, but in staggered amounts and with conditions (such as they have to finish school first to get the P4M, they get an allowance from the P1M for school and other expenses, they can’t spend more than P20,000 a month for non-academic related purposes and they have to show me proof that it is for school, etc).
6. Give my parents P10M
7. Pay off debts
8. Pay the condo in full and set up an account for the monthly expenses (utilities, tax, assoc. dues)

I figure I’d have about P70M left.

9. Set aside P25M (that’ll leave me with P45M)
10. Invest in a business (P2M more or less = P43M)
11. Go back to school
12. Buy land & build a house (P40M)
13. Travel to Japan
14. Build a library
15. Hire a housekeeper to clean the house
16. Get a full physical check-up
17. Get a beachfront property
18. Help family who needs it.

I think I’d have about P25M to P30M left. I don’t think my wishlist isn’t that bad, right? How about yours?